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Potty training a Puggle

Melissa D.
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Council Bluffs, IA
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I've read that pugs are a bit of a challenge to potty train (a little stubborn) and my 7 month female pug is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I have had other dogs and have successfully potty trained but am having difficulty understanding my Puggle's issue. We currently have a 6 year old German Shorthair and now this new addition. She is very attached to the other dog and follows his lead when it comes to going outside to potty. Currently if she has to go and the other dog is napping she goes to the door and if you aren't watching every second she will go around the corner and go by the door. How can I teach her to alert us that she is ready to go out? She also thinks that the large house plants are acceptable places to go potty under.....hey, a tree is a tree right? Any suggestions?

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Omaha, NE
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My puggle Lola wouldn't tell us when she needed to go out either. She would just stand by the back door. So I bought a set of bells to hang on the door from the pet store. Then, I trained her to ring the bells using treats. Every time she rang the bell I would open the door to the outside. It didn't take long at all for her to catch on.
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We also taught our pug (female) Willow to ring a bell to tell us when she had to outside to go potty. Actually she was a little scared of the bell at first (not sure why, we did the treat training and everything) and we had almost given up on the idea, then she suddenly decided on her own to start using the bell (maybe she had to think about it a bit, who knows!). It also took us a while to potty-train her, she would have occasional accidents (mainly because she wasn't "telling" us she needed out). When she was about 7-8 months old it was like she suddenly had complete bladder control and no more accidents! I'm not sure if it is a female pug thing or a pug stubborn thing or what, but I am sure your little girl will get there too with a little more time and training :)

PS: The bell-ringing worked really well for us for potty training (once Willow decided she was no longer afraid of the bell!!), but one "warning": now she rings the bell whenever she wants anything (food, water, attention, etc.) LOL!!!! It amazes me how smart these little dogs are smile...
user 10987931
Omaha, NE
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Hahahahahahahaha! Just had to tell you guys-- Lola does that, too!! She fakes us out sometimes with the bell. We will get to the back door and then she walks away and goes and stares at the treat cupboard in the kitchen!!
Chelsea Clatterbuc...
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Omaha, NE
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Melissa, how funny, we have a German Shorthair and a Puggle too!

Our shorthair is 4 and our puggle, Tater, is 9 months old. Tater successfully started letting us know when he wanted to go out when he was 6 months old. We have a baby gate that separates the living room from our kitchen back door where we let them out and he bangs on the gate and wines when he wants out. It has just been in the last 2 months that he won't go on the floor if we don't let him out right away (so hopefully your Puggle will catch on soon!) :)

OUR problem is that no matter if he's gone out or not, if we leave our bedroom doors open he jumps on our beds and potty's on our bed or pillows. We have to keep the doors closed at all times because of this. I was wondering if anyone new how to stop this behavior or why he is doing it?
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