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Every member will be required to have a photo and talk about why they decided to join the group. Choose a photo that is a recent picture of you and not flowers, your pet, or a cartoon. Trust me there isn’t a crew of stalkers or identity thieves waiting to steal your picture, they have plenty of others to choose from :) After years of organizing groups on meetup, what I have always suspected, I realize now is so very true, that the majority of people in this world are helpful, friendly, courteous, etc… well in short, worth knowing. So, if you think it’s safer to hike, camp and paddle with strangers than to have strangers look at your picture, then maybe you're in need of a different kind of meetup group.

If the reason you don’t have a picture is a technical issue, ie, no digital photos, no scanner, etc, try asking a friend, relative or neighbor for help.

If the reason is you don’t know your way around the meetup site then: To update your profile page, click "Members" at the top of your screen and then "My Profile" and then "Edit Group Profile". There you can add a photo and tell something about your self or why you joined the group. That should eliminate most excuses, if you have any other valid reason not to post a picture, just email me.

If you do not visit the home page of the OARS group for over three months or participate in any of the activities, you will be considered inactive. To be considered an active member you must at least do the following:

  • Visit the OARS site
  • RSVP for events
  • Attend events
  • Fill in your profile/pictures

An email will be sent reminding you of your membership. The email will also ask why you have not been attending the events, if you do not respond, your membership is subject to cancellation. Participation in any meetup group implies that you have read, understand, and agree with, the groups rules and regulations. It is your obligation as a member of this group, new or continuing, to take the time read the entire "About Us" page. Check back from time to time to see if any updates have occurred.

There are times when someone says YES to an event and then can't make it because of an emergency. Those times are understandable. Please don't say YES to an event and continue not to show up. The organizer can track which events you RSVP'd and attended or were absent from, eerie isn't it. Taking up a space when events space is limited and then not showing up can be grounds for removal from this Meetup. Please, change your RSVP to "No" if you decide you're not coming. If you RSVP'd "Yes" to a camping event and don't pay by the deadline, your RSVP will be changed to No. Events are starting to have waiting list now and I want to ensure those who really want to come get the opportunity.

If your RSVP includes a guest, it is your responsibility to inform them of all the rules and regulation of this meetup group.

There is no age limit in this group. We are all the same age... in our hearts ;) This group is for all who enjoy the outdoors: single, married, kids, etc. This is a diverse group and everyone is friendly, values fellowship and most importantly lots of laughter!

The organizers of OARS will only schedule camping, parking, or other services through third party vendors. We can not be responsible for weather, circumstances beyond our control, or yours and others behavior. Costs associated with this Meetup are for payment to third party vendors.

The type of events scheduled by OARS requires advanced planning, therefor in most cases refunds will only be given if you cancel 5 days before the start of the event or if the event is canceled. Any other payments are subject to the third party vendors refund policy.

A first aid pack is usually present at all events. Remember these are outdoor activities and in wild areas and most if not all of our events will be in areas not readily accessible by emergency personal. Please pay attention to the environment when you are hiking, camping, kayaking, etc. Cell phones for emergencies are great, but some areas we travel to are remote and cell phones don't always work. Everyone who participates in this MeetUp waives any legal action against this Meetup group and its members. Per the Electronic Records and Signatures in Commerce Act, your simple act of joining this group mean you agree with all the terms and provisions stated herein.

Know your limitations, don't do anything you aren't comfortable with and be honest with yourself and the group regarding your skills. But, please never hesitate to ask for assistance at the events. We are all here to help one another. If you are having trouble at an event, the organizer will assist you. You should never feel like you are stuck at an event. No one will judge you if you took on more then you can handle. We will applaud you for trying! But, don't try the same stunt a second time, the organizers have excellent memories.

In the wilderness if you are near dirt you are going to get dirty, if you're near bushes you're going to get scratched, if you're near water you're going to get wet, please plan accordingly. You're probably going to sweat a lot too. In the wilderness, Murphy's law was born, so always have a plan "b" and "c" ready, willing, and able. In the wilderness, there are bugs, critters, and predators, always follow your organizers instructions and never feed, harass, or kill the wildlife. You are in their home and you must respect that.

By joining you give your consent to have your picture posted on the Meetup web site unless specifically expressed otherwise in writing.

We do many types of camping that include primitive camping, car camping(which usually includes facilities), and kayak camping . We are a tent camping group only, sorry no RV's.

While it's great to have your own equipment, we in this group, like to share. If you have extra equipment or no equipment, let us know and we will help you. Each event type has a generic listing of suggested equipment that is located in the Files section. If you have any concerns or questions we are only an email away.

Depending on the event pets may or may not be allowed. Not every pet is meant to be part of a group. Be selective when and where you bring your pet. Your pet is welcome if they are able to listen to your commands. Please make sure you clean up after your pet, leash where leash laws are enforced, and ensure they are hydrated. A dog that is a barker should be left at home. And please keep in mind, not everyone is a pet-lover and may not enjoy your pet jumping up and hanging around them too closely. Please email me if you plan on bringing your pet to an event.

Unfortunately this is becoming an issue. The OARS site is not here for you to advertise your business or your intentions for dating. Your membership is subject to cancellation if you violate this policy.

We try to encourage carpooling. Sometimes carpooling is absolutely necessary because of parking restrictions. Please post your location in the comments of the event. You must seek the other carpoolers that will have their info listed so that you may find a ride.

Just say No - at least while you are participating in any of our Meetups. Seriously, please don't bring drugs to an event. I can't afford to risk anyone getting arrested for illegal possession. If you can't refrain from your habit long enough to attend - then reconsider your membership in this group.

Smoking is not prohibited... although not recommended. PLEASE do not smoke in the campsite area or on a hike. If you need to light up, find a spot away from everyone. Please respect others and the environment, that means take your butts home with you.

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