Jennifer S.


Spartanburg, SC

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December 11, 2012

How did you find this meetup?

I'm a member on the Facebook group to talk to other like minded people and I seen this link and clicked on it in an invite to a meet up. I normally rarely leave the house because of my shyness really. But glad I found this and would like to start meeting people face to face and maybe be a bit more social with people who share interest and beliefs

Do you follow a particular path, if so what is it?

I'm a spiritualist. I recognize pagan holidays. I come from a background of more neo pagan, Druid, shamanism path like I said diverse family. I have family traditions related to all paths that I practice and follow some that can't be shared. So if I had to label it would just be pagan.

Do you serve or honor a particular deity?

I honor and serve several deity not just one particular.

What are your -Isms...? (Philosophies, Beliefs, Religio-spiritual Identifiers, etc.)

Coming from a home with a heritage of gypsies, Native American, Scotch/Irish I have a ton of beliefs and philosophies. My grandmother told me that I was to hold all living being with respect even creepy crawly ones because we're all the same. She also taught me very early and my biggest belief is we have to take care of our planet because without it we die. We live at peace with all animals and we never kill one unless intended for food. I practice a lot of magic mainly kitchen magic and I work a lot with candles. I'm a solo practitioner and have been since I was a teen and my dad stepped back. I really suck at this sorta thing if you can't tell. Not even sure I've answered this right


Hi my name is Jennifer. I'm so bad at this stuff its unreal. I am a spiritualist/pagan was raised in a very mixed heritage home so my beliefs and practices can seem odd to some. And I get super nervous around people. Hope that covers it


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