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What is the history of the group?
On February 7, 2003 the New York headquarters of created the The Washington, DC Italian Language Meetup Group. After one year, Meetup headquarters decided all groups really needed a local Organizer and Keith Gilbert accepted the invitation. He put tremendous energy and passion into the role for more than 10 years and now Sarah Scott is keeping up the good work as Organizer. Along the way Farideh Zahirpour, Nancy Coviello, Nicholas Taylor, Umberto Tatafiore, Vincenzo D'arista, Beth Rabbin, Cristina Radu, Alessia Barbici-Wagner, Ivan Butina, Sherry Wyskida and many others have made valuable contributions. Through the collective efforts of many the group has grown in size to become one of the largest and fastest growing Italian language groups in the world.

What are the benefits of joining the group?
There are many benefits to membership. We sponsor a variety of events including language lessons, opportunities to converse in Italian, Italian films and cultural presentations. We obtain discounts on tickets for some events. Our sponsors offer discounts on their products and services to members. We keep you informed with regard to many Italian-related events in our community. The new friendships, however, are best benefit in addition to new fluency in the Italian language and culture.

How would you describe the members of the group?
Members are of every age, nationality and background. Our members have studied with the most talented Italian language instructors, have traveled to every Italian region, and many are native Italians looking to meet others who share their language and passion for their mother country. Some are just starting, and know only a few words of Italian! Many members are alumni of local language schools including Casa Italiana Language School. Our group provides the perfect opportunity to practice and develop Italian language skills.

I see some other Italian language Meetups with similar names. Are you affiliated?
Several groups have been started in our area and some are spinoffs while others have no affiliation. This website is for the original Italian Language Meetup in Washington, DC. The groups are not all the same, and it is important to find a group in which you feel comfortable. We encourage you to try attending events with various local groups and find the ones that you enjoy the most.

Are you just starting to learn, taking a course in Italian or practicing with instructional CDs?
Non ti preoccupare! Don't worry! You don't have to speak Italian to have fun with us! Just use what you know and we will help you.

Parli l'italiano correntemente? Are you a fluent speaker of Italian?
Benissimo! You will have the chance to meet many other fluent speakers and enjoy Italian conversation with people from Italy and from all over the world.

How does it work?
- Membership is free. When you receive event announcements by email, please RSVP Yes, No or Maybe.
- We get together several times every month to explore restaurants, parks and museums, of course, using the Italian language for friendly conversation. The number of attendees depends on popularity of the activity. We usually have between 10 and 40 people at our events.
- Sometimes there is a structured activity and sometimes it's just free flowing conversation.

What is the best way to get started?
Add yourself to our Meetup group and visit us at an event this month! You will get detailed information about the events and activities of the group once you join.

How can I reduce the number of emails I get from this group?
Meetup provides several ways for us to manage our email settings.

  • Go to and uncheck all the notifications you don't wish to receive. If you uncheck all, you will only receive emails that, in the judgement of the Organizers, contain useful information about the activities of the group such as the monthly news bulletin. You WON'T receive all the event reminders (3 per event), message board updates, photo tags, etc. So that should help cut down greatly the number of emails you receive.
  • There are also some privacy settings and settings about the emails you may be receiving from the New York headquarters of
  • Lastly, if you RSVP NO to events, it will help reduce most followup emails for those events.

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