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This group exists to provide an easy way for gamers around Portland to meet, try new games and arrange times to play.

This group is used to organize about four different regular game events. On our calendar (http://boardgames.mee...) you'll find all of our upcoming events.

You will also find some notes about other game nights and events. These are opportunities to play games that are open to the public. These are not organized by our group.


The bulk of the games we play are eurogames (a.k.a German style boardgames or family strategy games) like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Puerto Rico.

"Wait, what's a eurogame?" you ask? There's a whole world of boardgames outside the Monopoly/Risk/Clue section at your nearest Fred Meyer. Many of these games come from Europe, especially Germany, hence the name. These games are like the boardgames we grew up with in America in that:

  • They have special boards, pieces and/or cards.
  • They are centered around a theme or activity (developing property to get rich, military conquest of the world, solving a murder, etc.)
  • They're designed for a small group of players (typically, three to five).

Eurogames differ from Monopoly and others in that:

  • They're designed to take only about an hour to an hour and a half to play.
  • Players are not eliminated from the game before the end.
  • They have features that keep players involved in the game even when it's another player's turn.
  • They involve less chance.
  • They are more complex.

We also play specialty card games like Fluxx, Phase 10 and Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. These tend to have funny cards and are less complex than eurogames. Be prepared to laugh when playing these.

Classic boardgames, like Risk! and Scrabble, as well as party games like Scattergories, Apples to Apples and Taboo! sometimes get played at our meetups too.

Bridge, Euchre, Pinochle, Canasta, Hearts and other card games haven't been played at our meetups, but are very welcome. We have many card fans among our members who'd be happy to play. The same is true for Mah-Jongg.


Role-Playing games are outside the scope of this group. There are many resources for role-players in the Portland area. The following sites are a good place to start looking for other RPGers:

Collectable Card Games, like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game are outside the scope of our Thursday meetups. Our local game stores provide many opportunities to play these games. Follow the links in the STORES section below for more information.


At our events you can usually spot us by the stacks of game boxes on our tables.

Expect to play from one to four games before the night is over. Most of the games we play take about an hour and a half to play, but some are longer and some are much shorter. Usually people play one game, then choose a different game to play next. With shorter games members sometimes choose to play the same game again.

We usually play games in groups of three to six people. Feel free to ask to join a group that's deciding on a game or setting up a game. If a group has already started playing a game, feel free to sit and watch. Asking a group how much longer their game will last is common. And while it's OK to ask some questions and chat with a group, please don't distract one or more of the players with an engrossing conversation.

Almost every group gathered to play a game has at least one person who has never played the game before. So each game will begin with one person explaining how the game is played. Don't feel you have to know how to play a particular game to join a group. Also, if a game explanation is giving you a strong impression you won't enjoy the game for any reason, feel free to say something like, "I don't think I'm going to enjoy this one" and look for another group playing something more appealing to you.

Again, don't feel you have to already know the rules of the game you're about to play. All you need is an interest in learning about the game and a willingness to give it your best.

Between games, groups tend to shift some as people decide what game they'd like to play next. Sometimes a group will choose to play a ten to thirty minute "filler" game while waiting for another group to finish a game.

STORES in the area that host gatherings of gamers:

Bridgetown Hobbies at NE 33rd & Sandy Blvd. --
Hosts gaming, mostly wargaming and miniatures games, every Thursday evening starting at 5:30 p.m.

Gargoyle Games at 3205 SE 39th Ave. -- http://www.gargoylega...
Gaming most nights of the week. Currently RPG's, MTG and movie night on Friday.

Guardian Games at 315 SE 3rd Ave. --
Space to play board games, video games, RPGs, D&D Minis, M:TG and other games.

Knightfall Games at 9955 SW Beaverton Hillsdale (Beaverton, OR 97005) (503) 626-9067 --

Medieval Times at 26733 SE Stark (Troutdale) -- http://www.medieval-t...
Gaming nearly every day of the week. HeroClix, D&D Minis, M:TG and even Halo 2. Some events are pay-to-enter tournaments.

Rainy Day Games at 18105 SW TV Hwy (Aloha) -- http://www.rainy-day-...
Gaming nearly every night of the week, including pay-to-play CCG tournaments on the weekends. Check out their gaming calendar.

Wizard's Toy Chest at 8700 SW 26th Ave -- http://www.wizardstoy...
An admittedly out-of-the-way store in southwest Portland that happily hosts game sessions of all kinds.

LINKS OF INTEREST to Portland area gamers:

GameStorm -- http://www.gamestorm....
Yearly gaming convention in Portland/Vancouver. GameStorm 11 will be late March or early April 2009.

Portland Gamers -- http://www.portlandga...
A specialized bulletin board for gamers seeking games and games seeking gamers.

Portland Games (Yahoo Group) --
Newer group, founded in 2004. About 135 members. More active members than PDX Gamers. Of special interest is their excellent gaming calendar.

PDX Gamers (Yahoo Group) --
Older group, since 1999. About 775 members. Not so active.

Gaming Forum on Craigslist -- http://forums.portlan...
Sporadic, but sometimes a few good announcements pop up.

Vancouver Game Night -- http://games.groups.y...
Weekly game night hosted by some of the GameStorm folks.

LINKS OF INTEREST to boardgamers:

Boardgame Geek -- http://boardgamegeek....
International site for boardgame fans, with some active Portland members.

Boardgames with Scott --http://boardgameswith...
Excellent video explanations and reviews of eurogames and party games.

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