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Occupy Wallstreet nearing end?

Brandon C.
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Honolulu, HI
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I noticed the parameter of the SF camp collapsed inwardly, police are evicting people for destroying the grass and pissing all over the place. I walked around it for a hour this morning..... half the tents are not waterproof, lots of coughing, and increased saturation of the ground and flooding. The public works guy I talked to ssid they are camping on the drains, and have clogged them up as well so removing them wouldnt in and of itself drain the park of its cesspool.

I heard a baby crying in a tent..... Some woman is torturing the poor thing even though there are special homeless programs for homeless women. The wet conditions and high number of hardcore homeless in the camp radically rises the chance of a TB outbreak, or similar plague. They still have yet to solidify health and order at the camp.... The lower half on the grass will have to be removed soon by default due to drainage and sanitary reasons.

What complicates the situation is they still don't have a solidified message or aim other than to divert tax dollars from social programs to policing them, and for maintaining costly sanitary services for a very, very small minority of the city population. Add to this their very, very predictable marching habits..... Every saturday down market street..... It becomes easy for the police to predict the best time to raid and tear down the camp when word comes to do so.

Nothing has come of this. Berkeley is being Berkeley, students destined to BECOME wallstreet are partying and protesting against it ceremonially, more as a fun right of passage than any real intention. Its given every loser who ever scoffed at the results of his life's choices a reason to rage against a cage of his iwn making. They have little concept of Marxism or Material Dialectics, but preach a laughable version of it. They are ALL high as fuck, and it shows in the nin existent results of their movement. They have accomplished building a cesspool. They lack a philosophy of a means to a end, a shared vision, and substitute deluded and pale SYMBOLS of youthful resistence and revolutionary rhetoric in its place...... Rhetoric and practices that never worked in those eras all that well in the first place..... There is a reason why mist movements abandoned it during the twentieth century towards the end in the first place.

I am making a offer to all occupy wallstreet protesters. I will stand at the corner of mission and battery, and will offer to mace any voluntwary martyr seeking a cause in the eyes, for a period of time no less than two seconds, and no more than five. Ill even dress up in a uniform of some sorts.... It will be a excellent photo opprotunity for you. You can either have it done individually in a single file line, or in a group row sitting down pretending to do non-violent protests (its all pretend, all of it anyway to begin with- one big melodramatic act..... so this is no less legitimate). For groups of five or more, I will charge two dollars per person.... as mace isnt cheap. This will let you have that photographic proof your a revolutionary, and then you can go home and shower finally..... After months of militant bad hygiene.

I doubt a movement without a cause beyond free handouts for failures and idiots who took on student debt during a bad economy from institutional academic mills pumping out diplomas..... A majority of which are useless..... Demanding someone else pays for their legally contracted debts due to a lack of forsight and reasoning...... Putting the burden on millions of americans who didnt recklessly dive into bad mortgages and unpayable student loans. Why should a working class family be held hostage by increasing taxes, interest, and a shrinking economy because these self righteous idiots want more handouts?

The rainy season is here. The occupy camp is floundering, sickness is spreading in terms of colds. People are soaking wet, police and resources wasted on them..... And they have no message other than aping failed movements from the past, a d demanding confrontation, and a give me more attitude. I wish these morons would just go get a job..... even if its just a low paying one like I and others have to, and quit bitting the hand that feeds them..... THEIR OWN HANDS! You make a better world through the sweat if your labors, not getting high off you ass. Move out of the park, bath, and fet a job.

This movement proves our educational system collaped. You can go from pre-school to PHD and be a idiot all the way through, if you follow everything you told and stay packed in the herd mentality chasing incentives. This sense of entitlement is disturbing, you must be bold enough to step forward and try to make you own sun. This narching of sheep is becoming pathetic fast. They cant even synchronize to the 21st century, much less eludicate a plan of action. Mere shallow emo-symbolism. A bastard child of philosophy.

Ill be waiting with my mace for any takers for a photo op. Occupy Tard Street!!!! If we succeed, civilization will collapse, prstilence will rule...... Yeah!!!!!!!!!
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