2013 Sci-Fi Meets Sci-Fact Lecture

Nov 20

Arizona State University
2013 Sci-Fi Meets Sci-Fact Lecture
Guest lecturer: Paul Davies
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | 7:30pm | MUR 101
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Humans have long dreamed of going to Mars, but the only hope for doing so in the foreseeable future is on a one-way mission. Eliminating the return journey would dramatically slash costs and halve the inevitable risks associated with space flight. Mars on a one-way ticket is not a suicide mission. Rather, the astronauts would be the first colonists of a permanent human settlement on the red planet. But who would go, and what would they do when they got there? How would a Mars colony benefit the rest of humanity left on Earth?

At this event, cosmologist and astrobiologist Paul Davies will outline his plan for sending humans one-way to Mars after which internationally acclaimed artist and senior TED fellow Angelo Vermeulen will describe his recent experience living and working in a Mars-like habitat.

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