• Kenton

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I'm an AZ boy who has been a non-believer since pre-teen years." 

  • Marcia

    Assistant Organizer
  • Amanda C.

    Event Organizer
    • "Lover of hikes, laughing, good food and drink, and—most of all—my son." 

  • Holly S.

    Organizer, fixture
    • "Howdy All! It's nice to find like minded people. Sometimes I feel like my family is drowning in a sea of delusional people. I saw RD's 2008 lecture &..." 

  • Emma

    Event Organizer
    • "Because Atheism is awesome, and I don't know nearly enough Atheists. Can there be too many?" 

  • David S

    Event Organizer, West Side Organizer
    • "Religion is a tool used to suppress and oppress, to divide and to conquer. It's sad that people need the crutch of religion in order to justify their "exis..." 

  • Al T.

    Assistant Organizer, Hikemeister
  • Chris H.

    Assistant Organizer
    • "Debating with True Believers on the Interwebs makes my brain hurt. I figured maybe joining a local group and partaking of some positive atheism might help me live..." 

  • Sara

    Event Organizer
  • Karen

    Event Organizer, West Side Organizer
    • "My Meetup groups include: Americans United for Separation of Church and State (also,,, Humanist Society (also, Freedom..." 

  • Audrey

    Event Organizer
    • "Skeptic since birth, artist, INTJ, survivor, Olympic medalist, international spy, superhero (*some of this may have been embellished for your entertainment) :D" 

  • Kris

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I work in the social work field as an adoption placement coordinator. My main hobby is music listening, playing, writing, recording etc. I joined hoping to meet..." 

  • Barbara

    Assistant Organizer
  • norm j.

    Event Organizer
    • "A long time non-supernaturalist - a devoted FSM follower !" 

  • Ptiddy

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I used to consider myself agnostic, but since becoming more active in this group, am leaning more toward being a full fledged heathen. It's great to meet new..." 

  • Brad

    Event Organizer, Assistant Organizer
    • "Doubt seems like the most authentic position lately." 

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