Question for group about New Photo Technology Beta Testing

From: Donna D.
Sent on: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 4:26 PM

May 28th

Hello WAP folks,

I just got this email from a local company interested in finding some beta testers for their new photo product. They wanted to come to the groups meeting and give a demo of this (read below). I am not going to take away from our monthly meeting for something like this but am willing to work to set up an additional meet and greet of there were enough photographers interested in the offer. So please read below and see if anyone is interested. If you are- email me back. If I have enough folks interested I'll work to see up another thursday night for them to meet the group that is interested.


Let me know asap.- Donna


Note from DWINq:

I am a technology entrepreneur and my company dwinQ (based in Cambridge) has built some cool, powerful technology that will automate and help a professional photographer's workflow. Especially, if you work venues or events (weddings, corporate event, clubs, street etc). We are currently offering the kit to photographers so that they can test the kit for a period of time (say, 30-45 days) and give us feedback.

I'll give you a couple paragraph summary of our technology and our goals in reaching out to the Worcester Alliance of Photographers Monthly Meetup Group.

We've developed a system that allows photographers to associate guests with individual photos, as well as the ability to push these photos directly to guest social media pages (or email). The technology involves an iPod running software we've developed, a tag that is unique to the guest (either QR or RFID), tag scanning processes, a registration system for the guest to register their unique tag, and server software that will handle the pictures. The photos can automatically be pushed to social media, or it can be made available for the photographer to approve later.

The technology is still in development, and what we're especially in need of is feedback from professional photographers. The technology is not for sale as of right now, but will be soon. What we want to do is give it away for extensive testing by people who have an established photography workflow and understand the demands of monetizing their talents. The feedback we get will be immediately added to our goals of enhancing the technology and making it as good of a possible fit for professionals as possible. 
To reiterate, we're not trying to sell the technology at the meetup. We'd love to bring the technology, give a brief demo, and if there is interest allow people to take a kit for their own personal testing.

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