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POSTING PHOTOS ON THESE PAGES, also deleting, editing captions/comments, etc.

Carol P
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Cranberry Twp, PA
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To return to the FAQs page, click on this link:­

Since there are frequent questions about how to post photos, find the answers to most of them here.

I boldfaced &/or underlined topics so you can find/read only what you want/need.

Albums are connected to meetup events ---an actual photo shoot, a social event, or a monthly online submission. Each photo album can be opened 3 hours after the date & time posted on the meetup announcement.

If that date & time is in the future, you need to wait.
If it has past, follow instructions below.

Example: An online event begins at 7 pm. Wait until 10 pm, to post photos---this is the default setting on the website, assuming an actual meetup will last about 3 hrs --we cannot change this. Members can add comments anytime in the future.

There is no end date, so it is possible to post to that album during later months, but most people won't look at past albums, so be sure you are on the correct album, the one for the current month ---more about that below.

Go to the top of any page on this site. Choose the "Photos" link.
Choose the "Created" tab, which will sort the albums with the most-recently-created albums first.
Click on the album to which you want to post photos.
Above any photo, choose the "Add photos" tab & following instructions for uploading your images.
(You can upload more than one photo at a time.)
Each photo must be 10MB or less.

Remember the date & time of a meetup has to be in the past by 3 hours in order to post photos.
Find the post announcing the event. On the left sidebar, you can choose past meetups to find it.
Click on the title of the event.
If it is at least 3 hours past the date & time on the meetup announcement, there should be a link near the top-right to "upload." Click on that link & follow the instructions.
Each photo must be 10MB or less.

After clicking on "Photos" you will be taken to the page with all of the meetup's albums.

This is the default, so if you do nothing, you will see the albums sorted by activity.
Albums sorted with the "activity" tab will show albums with the most-recent activity first on the page. If someone views an album from, say, 12 months ago, & adds a comment a little before you go online, that album will be first on the page. It will show activity for a recent date. You may want to read the comments that were recently added, or if it is an old theme album, you might want to add a photo even though that month has passed. But if you want to add to the current month's album, it is better to choose the CREATED tab.

Some albums, such as "Fun Shots" have the same name every month so it becomes confusing, however, to remedy that, we have added months & years to all titles. You might want to add a photo to the current Fun Shots album, but because ACTIVITY is chosen, you find an older Fun Shots album as one of the first on the page. Choose CREATED to make sure you find the most-recent Fun Shots (or any monthly) album.

I suggest always choosing the CREATED tab when adding photos.
By choosing "created" you will see the most-recently-created albums first. The date each was created will appear underneath the album, so choose the one created during the current month.

As noted above, some albums such as Fun Shots or Monthly Critiques have the same name each month plus the month and year. Make sure you are on the right one. It is easy to post your photos on a past month's album by mistake. They can be moved to the correct album, but it's easier to do it right the first time.

If you post photos to an older album, the only real problem is that most people don't look at older albums, so few people will see your photos or comment on them.

To remove a photo, go to your photo. Above it, choose "Delete" & follow the instructions.

If you have posted a photo to the wrong album, you can chose "Move" instead of Delete & then choose the correct album in the pull-down box.

You might want to add any or all of the following info:
Where the photo was taken
Who is in the photo (also see info below on "Tag this photo.")
Technical info, such as the kind of camera, lens, or settings you used, info on the time of day, light, etc.

Just click on "Caption" under the photo & type. If you make a mistake or want to add/delete info from the caption, just go back to the photo, & click on "Edit Caption" or "Delete Caption" which can be found at the end of your caption text.

If you take photos at an actual meetup event, such as a photowalk, you can choose the "Tag this photo" link under your posted photo to add the names of those who appear in your image or those taken by others.

Click on "Tag this photo" under the photo, then click on a face. A box will appear around the face (unless the face is not detected as a face ---if perhaps it is in a shadow or a fuzzy background.) You can begin to type a name in the white text box, then choose from similar names of members of this meetup group. If the person is not a member, the name will not appear. For non-members, add names in a caption.

To add a comment, scroll below the photo.
Type in the white box.
Hit "Post Comment."

To edit a comment immediately after it is posted, you must click on another photo, then go back to the photo on which you just commented. If you decide to edit a comment later, just go to the photo to find your comment.
Choose "Edit comment" or "Delete comment."

Remember to "play nice" with comments. The rules ("Guidelines to Critiques and Retouching" by Christian Kahle which can be found on the Discussions>Message board>General discussion page fairly close to this message) suggest making positive comments without criticism or suggestions unless someone has noted in a caption or comment that they want feedback: OTC = Open to Critiquing. OTR = Open to Retouching.
Retouching/reworking is not permitted on contest entries, even if the photographer has noted OTR.

The exception is that a photo posted to a Monthly Critique is always OTC.
If you don't want feedback or criticism, post photos on a different album.

Note: Despite the rules set up by Christian, some people post criticism on photos even when a member has not requested it. Remember most are trying to help improve your technique, even though it is not always appreciated, especially by beginners. If a comment bothers you, I suggest clicking on the name of the commenter. That will take you to the person's profile. Choose to send the person a message. Send a polite request to refrain from commenting with criticism or negative feedback unless you request it. If you are uncomfortable doing that, send me a message from my profile page and I will do it.

If you have other questions about any of these topics, click on reply below, comment on my profile, or choose to send me a message on my profile.

To return to the FAQs page, click on this link:­
Gibsonia, PA
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Thanks, Carol.

Tip re: create and activities was especially helpful. I agree, posting technical info could be helpful: I'm guilty of not doing so.
Linda S.
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Pittsburgh, PA
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smileThank you so much for the tips, Carol.
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