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Selected By: Meagan

The HubLA

830 Traction Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90013 (map)

Selected by: Meagan

Message from +Acumen Courses:

The next Acumen Leadership Essentials course will begin on February 9, 2013. To participate, sign-up in a group of 2-6
- Already have a group? Sign up here: http://plusacumen.org/courses/register/­
- No group yet? Come to a Meetup and form your group there

Meetups are happening in many cities
- Check to see if there is a Meetup in your city
- No meetup yet? Start one yourself and email Jessica at jmartin@acumenfund.org to receive a Meetup Guide.

The world needs you to lead. This is your invitation.

The HubLA is located on the 3rd Floor (3A)

Parking @ the HubLA: Lot parking is $5; there is also plenty of free street parking on Traction Avenue.

Selected by: Meagan

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Los Angeles +Acumen Courses Community

Los Angeles, CA Founded December 31, 2012
Aspiring change-agents
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