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091808 Burning Economies Give you So Much More

A metaphor in rhyme and meter over the national financial crisis.

Word file 28K Markoolio Sep 19, 2008

041308 The Polarizing Ps

Had a little fun with the letter "p". Enjoy! ~marKOOLio :-)

Word file 27K Markoolio Oct 2, 2008

The Dollar Coaster

Unstable financial markets "inspired" this one. Enjoy...I think...

Word file 27K Markoolio Oct 2, 2008

041908 What Exactly is in a Name

Found a fun one from earlier this year. Enjoy! What exactly is in a name??

a .docx file 11K Markoolio Oct 16, 2008

103107 The Raver[1]

Word file 30K Markoolio Nov 2, 2008

090808 Tools of the Traitors

Word file 26K Markoolio Nov 2, 2008

110408 The Grand Old ImPlosion

Word file 28K Markoolio Nov 5, 2008

GM Has a BM

Word file 27K Markoolio Nov 12, 2008

110508 The Town of Sleep

Word file 28K Markoolio Nov 14, 2008

011709 The Prosthetic Legacy

My last and final poem on Bush and his crimes. This is a poetic response to Dubya's farewell state of denial address.

Word file 27K Markoolio Jan 18, 2009

022309 My New Therapist

Ordinary object assignment poem for March 1

Word file 26K Markoolio Feb 22, 2009

Acrostic Poem

Exploring the vertical nature in poetic form

Word file 26K Markoolio Jun 14, 2009

Group Poems 1

Two sets of group poems. The first is where all poets can see all previous lines to write their line in or out of context. The second poem is where the poet is only allowed to see the line preceding their new line. Great exercises in group creativity

a .docx file 57K Markoolio Jan 10, 2010

Group Poem

2 Group poems: The first reflects hidden lines out of context. The second reflects open lines in context.

a .docx file 64K Markoolio Jan 24, 2010

12410 Group Poem

Another group poem by our creative and dynamic group. The first poem is the open form, the second one are the hidden lines. Enjoy!

a .docx file 60K Markoolio Jan 28, 2010

Open Group Poem 5 29 11

More group poetry and group therapy!))

Word file 30K Markoolio Jun 10, 2011


First poem has both the front end and back end vertical integration. The second poem has just the front end vertically integrated.

Word file 22K Markoolio Nov 21, 2011

Group Poems from 1 7 12

This file contains both open and hidden line poems.

Word file 34K Markoolio Jan 20, 2012

Group poems from January 10 meetup

Word file 20K mary ellen s. Jan 10, 2010

Silent Persistence

Silent Persistence

a .docx file 11K paul j. May 10, 2011


Dark Prophecy: I sing to thee of Shine (Etheridge Knight)

a text file 1K Ryan S. Feb 7, 2010

5-word mash up

Poem from 5-word exercise, Poetry Mashup Meetup, 1/22/12

a .odt file 11K Sharon C. Jan 23, 2012


Word file 23K A former member May 4, 2008

Walking Around

Walking Around by Pablo Neruda

Word file 27K A former member May 26, 2008

Underneath it All

Poem I wrote: Underneath it All

Word file 22K A former member Jul 12, 2008

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