Jesse S.
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Harrison, ME
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I've planted some asparagus crowns, 'Purple Passion' in the standard trench method; 12" deep and wide, fortified with composted manure and biochar. There's quite a bit of space between the rows, around 3-4'. I know that asparagus doesn't like competition in the root zone, but I'd like suggestions of species for interplanting. I've mulched between rows heavily with cardboard, rotten wood, hay, and tried seeding the hay with some elm oyster mycelium for an edible fungal component.
I've also got a bunch of asp. seedlings I started from seed, these are much smaller plants than the started crowns, and I've yet to get them in the ground. I'm thinking about trying a more integrated approach with these and planting them out in my orchard rows.
Lisa F.
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Portland, ME
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Jesse, Max Boudreau in west falmouth has been experimenting with an asparagus-strawberry guild. He's on this list and at Winslow Farm. I haven't heard about his results since last year, but it was looking pretty productive.
Christina B.
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West Baldwin, ME
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I have been planting codonopsis with my asparagus. It likes the shade of growing under other plants, also the support. It is very pretty and the root is delicious and medicinal. It is slow to get established, it takes two years or so, and I seem to lose alot of baby plants, but I am determined! I got my seed at Horizon Herbs. Also, being that they are deep rooted, they probably bring up good nutrients for the heavy feeding asparagus.
Barbara R.
Oakland, ME
Post #: 53
Plant tomatoes plants in between your rows of asparagus. The tomatoes keep the asparagus beetles at bay. Also the asparagus works to keep nematodes off the tomatoes. I have been using this method for years and it works great. The tomatoes get planted after the asparagus has been harvested. I let some volunteer tomatos rise up until I get to planting my transplants out. Basil also works nice with the tomatoes and asparagus.
Portland, ME
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I am so happy to read this post! I did this this year and can't wait to see the results! :)

Dawn Nguyen
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