Lysa B.


Norristown, PA

Member since:

June 19, 2013

What is your view of psychics and/or medium intuitives: skeptical, scientific, or spiritual? Do you watch the two television shows called, "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer"? What do you think of these shows?

I love to watch the show with the children. I have never seen Medium and ive seen Ghost Whisperer a couple times-I myself have dealt with spirits and the like however not the way they depict it on that particular show

What interests you about being a psychic and/or medium?

Im interested because its basically who I am-I love being able to assist other people and often I have felt that these are my true friends

Why do you want to become a psychic and/or medium intuitive? What is your age?

Im 43 and I would definitely love to hone in on my abilities because it seems I have "touches" of differently abilities. Most times it happens to me -I have not been able to call upon it at will to my satisfaction-I would love to be able to focus more tap into the energy at will and use these abilities to assist people and to also make a living from it.

Do you have any psychic and/or mediumship abilities..?? If so, what psychic and/or mediumship abilities have you experienced..??

I can be around a person and know they have problems with their sinuses or do a massage on someone and know they have had an accident. I have spoken with spirits and or they have spoken through me. The spirits have given me remedies for myself or others.

What are you looking to get out of this group?

I would love to be able to have more control over my abilities. I would love to be able to connect more strongly. I need to learn how to release energies that I pick up from other people. I would love to be around other people like me.


Im Lysa -I have been seeing and or "feeling" spirits since I was young-I get messages from all sorts of beings-I pick up energy and can sometimes tell a person whats going on with them -sometimes spirit will tell me an herb that they should use

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