Past Talk Topics 2009 and before

2009 November meeting

Brandon Rhodes: Less Famous Data Structures in Python

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    Python has lots of data structures besides the general-purpose tuple, list, and dictionary. This talk introduces more than a half-dozen more data structures that come built-in as part of Python’s “batteries included” standard library, and outlines what they are good at and in what situations you might be able to make good use of them.

2009 October meeting
Keyton Weissinger: Adding Excel-based Import and Export to Django
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    When users need to upload and download lots of raw data from your Django web application, it pays to support the most familiar format possible. Here, Keyton talks about how combining Django with an existing Excel library for Python allows his Schoolicity school management software to support Excel imports and exports right out of the box.

Zellyn Hunter: Django at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution
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    How is Python used on the busy web site of a major newspaper, where the information to build the front page might come from more information systems than you can count on one hand? Zellyn talks about where Python and the Django web framework fit into their work in supporting a large volume of page views each day.

Chris Heisel: Gearman and Django
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    Finally, Chris Heisel treated us to an encore of the lightning talk that he gave at DjangoCon a few weeks earlier. Gearman is a job-queuing system through which a front-end system with work it needs accomplished can distribute that workload across a whole farm of back-end servers.
    Its Python API is designed
    so that typical operations require only a line or two of code.

2009 July meeting
Brandon Craig Rhodes: Documentation with Sphinx

Skylar Saveland: Pinax and Django

2009 June meeting
Brandon Craig Rhodes: TurboGears 2 + Plone + contentmirror

Rick Tomas: Google Wave

Sim Harbert: Python Scripting on the Android

Brandon Craig Rhodes: Nuts & Bolts, ctypes

2009 May meeting

Alfredo Deza: Testing and Test Coverage with Nose

Brandon Craig Rhodes: Introduction to PyCon filming

2009 January meeting

Steve Holden: The State of the Python Community

Chris Johnson: Why People Choose Plone

2008 July meeting on SQLAlchemy

Rick Copeland: Essential SQLAlchemy

Brandon Craig Rhodes: SQLAlchemy Advanced Mappings

2008 Feburary meeting on ORMs

Rick Copeland: BloxAlchemy

Drew Smathers and Cary Hull: Axiom

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