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Our April 11, 2014 Meetup

Selected By: Jeffrey J.


1110 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005 (map)

Selected by: Dmitry V. M.


8am - 9am Breakfast and Social

9am - 10am Introduction and Keynotes
---Jeff Johnson - Boundless
---Larry Shaffer - Dakota Cartography
---Tim Sutton - QGIS Project Steering Committee

10am - 11am Presentations

---Kate Chapman - InaSAFE - HOT
---Vivien Deparday - World Bank GFDRR
---Yewondwossen Assefa - World Bank GFDRR

11am-12pm - Future of QGIS Discussion

12pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 4pm Workshops
---Using QGIS with OpenGeo Suite : Jeffrey Johnson, Boundless
---Becoming a QGIS Developer: Larry Shaffer, Dakota Cartography

5pm - Closing Discussion

5:30pm - Happy Hour

6PM - MapBox State of the Map Happy Hour (SOTM 2014)

Learn more at

Selected by: QGIS U.S. User Group

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  • Anne C.'s Photo

    I would also like to thank Jeff and Larry for organizing a great event and the people at OpenGov Hub for hosting! Thank you all!

    Posted by Anne C. April 12
  • Joe B.'s Photo

    Great meetup! Jeff and Larry did a great job.I look forward to spreading the knowledge to my peers!

    Posted by Joe B. April 12
  • PhillySpaceMan's Photo

    Great workshop! Nice job on organizing this Dan and Jeff and Dmitry...

    Posted by PhillySpaceMan April 12
  • Larry S.'s Photo

    Hi. Anyone planning on taking the "Becoming a QGIS Developer" workshop? Just trying to get a feel for how many folks might show up, so I can plan accordingly. Thanks.

    Posted by Larry S. April 10
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    • Michael T.'s Photo

      I'll be there. -Tac

      Posted by Michael T. April 10
    • Michael T.'s Photo

      Oops, -- I'll actually be at the other session, on OpenGeo.

      Posted by Michael T. April 11
  • Dan J.'s Photo

    Is this at 1189 F St or 1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 500?

    Posted by Dan J. April 8
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    • Brett C.'s Photo

      Thank you Dan and Jeffrey, I was a little confused as well. See everyone tomorrow!

      Posted by Brett C. April 10
    • Brett C.'s Photo

      If I ride my bicycle to 1110 Vermont AVE NW, is there a place to lock it up (preferrably inside)?

      Posted by Brett C. April 10
  • Dmitry V. M.'s Photo

    It's so strange but it says that I planned this meet up!

    Posted by Dmitry V. M. April 10
  • Larry S.'s Photo

    If planning on taking the "Becoming a QGIS Developer" workshop, please review the prerequisites:­

    The more attendees that have the VirtualBox setup, the better, since we will be installing more software into the OSGeo-Live VM.

    Posted by Larry S. April 8
  • Jeffrey J.'s Photo

    If anyone else is interested in doing a short presentation about your use cases, please contact me @ [masked] and we can sort it out.

    Posted by Jeffrey J. April 3
  • Matthew Brian P.'s Photo

    really excited for this!!

    Posted by Matthew Brian P. March 24
  • David D.'s Photo

    Check out the QGIS map showcase on Flickr, amazing stuff:­

    Posted by David D. March 19
  • Brett C.'s Photo

    Requested off work to go to this. Very excited!

    Posted by Brett C. March 19
  • Jeffrey J.'s Photo

    Inaugural QGIS U.S. User Group Meeting in Washington D.C. Location not yet confirmed, but very likely at OpenGovHub.

    Posted by Jeffrey J. February 15

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