From Yvonne of Meetup: "BE THE BANK"!! Also: Best Pricing for Proof of Funds & Transactional Funding!! USE OUR MILLIONS TO MAKE MONEY! SEE ATTACHED.

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Stock Market Got You Down? BEFORE IT’S ALL GONE, Take control of your Portfolio by “BEING THE BANK” for a Day/Week/Month and start making MORE Money - NOW! Don’t know who to trust? Trust YOURSELF! Call: [masked]

By BEING THE BANK, you can choose from either: Same Day Returns; Short-term Returns; Long-term Returns!

YOU call the shots!

Do you have an IRA, or an old 401K from a previous company? If so, are they working hard for you, or losing their value/money? Did you know that you can use them to “BE THE BANK”?

What is YOUR Money doing between deals? Is it just sitting there doing nothing - Why? “BE THE BANK” and start making More Money - Now!! Procrastinating? How’s that working for you?

Is being a Private Hard Money "Lender" easier than being a rehab "Borrower"? Which one produces more cash flow per month? Dare to ask! We will prove that “BEING THE BANK” produces more annualized cash flow with LESS WORK AND LESS RISK!!

 BE THE BANK”! Less Work; Less Risk; MORE Profits!

"YOU can be either at the "HEAD OF THE LINE" passing out the money, or at the back of the line begging for money - it's your choice!"



Soft or Hard PROOF OF FUNDS: Call to get YOUR Boutique Pricing: [masked] FAST CASH - $$ MILLIONS $$


Hard Proof of Funds: Hard Proof of Funds are used when you need to show verification of funds in a bank account, in your company’s name, for a particular dollar amount.


Soft Proof of Funds: Ask about our professional, Attorney’s Soft Proof of Funds Letters to secure a contract and get you started. Soft, Proof of Funds Letters are typically more affordable then moving Hard Money into a bank account; and we can provide either one or both.

Attn Brokers: Do YOUR Clients need Proof of Funds to close their deal, so that you can close YOUR deal? Our POF’s can help you close MORE DEALS and Make More Money!


YOU can make BONUSES by becoming one of our Account Reps for Proof of Funds and Transactional Funding - using our Money to Make Money!!


Visit our LinkedIn Group for Proof of Funds SPECIAL PRICING below:


BEST PRICING: Thousands or $$ MILLIONS $$ - FAST CASH for: Proof of Funds, Transactional Funding, Down Payment Assistance & Bank Guarantees/SBLC’s.




SPECIAL POF PRICING!! Or, call today to get your very own special, boutique pricing!


Proof of Funds Hotline: 888-POF-1-USA /[masked]


We have the BEST Proof of Fund’s pricing – Guaranteed!


For your information – Please reply to confirm receipt: (All attachments open in the “read only” format.)


Attached for your review is our Presentation and Program/Product Guide.


Best pricing for Proof of Funds, Transactional Funding & Bank Guarantee’s!


We can provide a Proof of Funds for any POF amount needed.


Clients requesting Proof of Funds must answer these questions below first, and follow all procedures. If the POF requires a SWIFT, then you will need to fill out the attached “POF Intake Form” also.


If you do not require a SWIFT for Proof of Funds, then, answer the first seven questions below and return answers to this email.


Date Needed: _________?


Amount required:

1.      Is the POF for Real Estate?

2.      Do you need an Attorney’s Soft Proof of Funds Letter?

3.      Do you need a Hard Proof of Funds Bank Account with the Company’s Name?

4.      What is the time period required for the POF?

5.      Are you the Broker or Principal?

6.      How many Principals are on this deal?

7.      Any Specific Bank Requirements? 


8.      Will this account require a SWIFT message to be sent to another location?

9.      If POF’s requires a SWIFT...What Type:


(If you need a SWIFT for your POF, you will be required to fill out the attached POF Intake Form.)


Here are the basic procedures for PROOF OF FUNDS that must be followed below:


Each step is contingent upon the previous step being satisfied.


Reply back to this message with the answers above and provide sanitized financials.


Once you have done that: 


1) If client is interested, and has provided us with their sanitized financials or proof of funds to show that they are capable of moving forward; 


2) Then, we provide the pricing.


3) We will then provide the Contractual Terms and a Confidentiality Agreement. 


4) Client will then pay for the POF.


5) After bank confirmation of payment, we will then provide the requested product and/or service. 


6) Upon POF verification by the client during the period allowed or agreed upon, funds are released and are no longer available for any other purpose.






Regarding the Monetization of MTN’s:


STEP 1: Receives initial securities information to determine the LTV and interest rate.


STEP 2: Issues a term sheet and loan application to borrower.


STEP 3: Borrower signs and returns term sheet and application.


STEP 4: Law firm sends loan agreement to the borrower.


STEP 5: Borrower signs agreement and arranges for collateral to be transferred and sent to one of the custodial banking relationships.


STEP 6: After the security has been received, the value is determined (strike price) by taking the average of the last sales price of the day for three days, beginning with the receipt of the security.


STEP 7: Once the strike price has been determined, a closing statement outlining the loan terms and proceeds is sent to the borrower.


STEP 8: Lender funds the loan in accordance with the term sheet.


STEP 9: Borrower makes quarterly interest payments and pays off loan at the end of the term. Identical pledged collateral is returned to the borrower at loan maturity.


Regarding the Monetization of a BG/SBLC:


To cut to the quick on Funding against a Bank Guarantee, we would need to know the following:


1. Amount?

2. Who is the Issuing Bank?

3. Is the BG on Euroclear/DTC?

4. Cash Backed-what currency?

5. Fully Transferable; and is it Callable?

6. Can borrower demonstrate ownership?


Once we have an understanding of the above questions answered, we can give you an indication of our abilities.





Yvonne Jones, CEO

Private Financial Club

The Boardwalk Financial Group

Skype: vipdreamjob (by appointment only)


[masked] (fax)


DISCLAIMER: Sender is not a United States Securities Dealer, Broker or U.S. Investment Advisor. This electronic transmission and/or attached documents are not to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content, nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities. Merely describing the details of an existing private placement program does not constitute an offer or solicitation of any kind and, if presented, is done so as a request for information. This message is never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. The reader hereby acknowledges reading this Disclaimer. This transmission may contain privileged and/or confidential information and is intended solely for the use of the addressee. Upon receipt of these documents, you as the recipient, acknowledge this disclaimer and warnings herein. By reading beyond this point, you agree, acknowledge and accept that this is a privileged, proprietary and confidential communication and you agree to keep it private. Interception of e-mail is a crime under the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. [masked] and 2701-2709.  If you have received this transmission in error, please notify me by reply e-mail and destroy the original transmission and its attachment(s) without reading them, or saving them to disk. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

DISCLAIMER: PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB is NOT a United States Securities Dealer, Broker, U.S. Investment Adviser or MLM Company. The future of real estate or any investment cannot be predicted with exact accuracy. ALL NPN’s, REO’s, MTN’s listed here, or on PFC’s website, or emailed and distributed through the Club (a.k.a. Private Financial Club or PFC) or its affiliates are sold "AS IS."  We make no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. Consult a licensed real estate agent, tax advisor and/or attorney before making any investment, purchase or sale decision. Buyers and Sellers must do their own due diligence on each party; and all due diligence is the sole responsibility of and between each Buyer and Seller on each and every deal without exception. It is the complete responsibility of each Financier, Buyer, Seller, Corporation, LLC or Entity to provide his, her, or their own personal Due Diligence.

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