Chuck Y.


Kyle, TX

Member since:

July 28, 2013

What are your favorite genres? (horror, fantasy, western, sci-fi . . .)

Fantasy, but I'm flexible. I like grit, not powergaming. I generally favor lower magic (magic is MAGICAL!) settings, but I can roll with a setting like Glorantha. It's about the consistency of the narrative for me. If we're in a hardcore simulationist mode, that might mean me trotting out my wargamer / medievalist hat...

What was your first RPG experience?

Playing "Melee" in 1977. "Melee" was a microgame that via a long development cycle morphed into "GURPS". From that, OD&D boxed set. Greyhawk was a supplement for me, not a setting. Yep, I'm that old. I grew to really not like D&D as a system. Fortunately, there was Runequest (became BRP and basis of Cthulu), The Fantasy Trip (halfway house between Melee & Gurps), all melded together w/incessant mad homebrewing. We all homebrewed then...

What are your favorite game systems?

I can go super crunchy, or hardcore narrative. Right now I'm interested in a lot of indie, pseudo-OSR stuff, like: Dungeon World, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Advanced Hackmaster (the new HM), ACKS (Adventurer-Conqueror-King, though I don't own it), Other-stuff-I-can't-think-of-right-now. The one thing I've no interest in is D&D (any version), Pathfinder, or retro-clones that are bound too tightly to the old ways. Whatever I play, I'm likely to hack if GMing.

What websites do you prowl for rpg releated information?

Er... google? rpggeek and seem to have the most reasonable communities. That said, I'm not a member of either of them.


40 something. I do tech work, and political work. I'm into markets. I was a musician once upon a time. I'm interested in getting back into rpgs for a variety of reasons. Been a loooong time...

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