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Concurrent Faerunian Campaign Arcs Beginnning August 7th (3.5)

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Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (4th-14th lvl set in Mulhorandi occupied Unther):

The stealthy killer stepped from the shadows cast by the boughs of a great cypress; he was confident his entrance to these lands had gone unnoticed. So long had the trees been his staunch allies, ever protecting him from would be pursuers and sometimes even unleashing his fury. He gazed at the dead volcano, wondering if his sojourn had finally come to an end.

Mr.Pink: NIN/DRU 1/2

A few leagues away another warrior entered the demesne of the mountain. Her mentor had pointed her to this backwater in search of answers. As she pondered his teachings, a passing cart, on its way to the village ahead, dipped into a rut and splashed mud onto her flawless face. Seconds later it struck another rut and lost a wheel, sending a teamster into the ditch. The young priestess would have to learn to control this new power lest she draw the ire of the villagers.

Mr.Green: HEX/CLR 1/3

Mysteries of the Moonsea (1st-18th lvl set in the four major cities that surround the Moonsea):

Two young elves stepped onto the docks of Melvaunt City of Swords; One a child prodigy of towering intellect and frightening potential, the other his body touched by the power of Arvandor the land of the gods. The sky above the city was black with the soot of a thousand forges. This smog combined with the grey skies of the Moonsea to cast a glowering shadow over sprawling metropolis. Nothing in their studies could have prepared them for the squalor before them. Could this place even exist on the same plane as the sparkling shores of they had set sail from? Nevertheless, to the south was the ancient fallen city of Myth Drannor the ancestral home of their house and guardian of their birthrite. It would be decades before they possessed enough power to explore it's ruins. Time to see what adventure could be had in this festering sore.

Solara: WIZ 1
Mr.Brown: WIZ 1

Across the City of Swords a different scene was taking place. In one of the private rooms at Melvaunts finest inn, a sinister figure quietly chanted to one of Faeruns truly dark deities. He felt the now familiar sensation of pure wickedness creep into his body like an icy river. His god had once again bestowed just a tinge of it's power. Even this tiny bit was enough to kill most men. The acolyte rose eager to demonstrate his gods power and delve deeper into the mysteries of life, death, and that third most unholy state...

Mr.Pink: CLR 1

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itinerary for Saturday's events:

9am: out of towners begin arriving (Fort Worth and Gulf Coast members)
10am: begin AM session (either Campaign tbd game day)
4pm-5pm: dinner break and transition for session two
5pm-11pm: PM session (different campaign from the AM)
11pm-11:30: cleanup and award xp

The "double header" format allows us to host a full day of gaming without taking up anyone's whole day off. (unless of course they wish to play in both sessions which we encourage.)

There is still room for one player in each game and several alternates. Alternates will be contacted space available and brought in on a one-shot basis.
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