Re: Social media -- NOT phones -- to Talk Radio today to drive anti-amnesty phone calls

From: Mike L.
Sent on: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 9:23 AM

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From: Roy Beck - <[address removed]>;
To: <[address removed]>;
Subject: Social media -- NOT phones -- to Talk Radio today to drive anti-amnesty phone calls
Sent: Wed, Jun 26, 2013 3:01:30 PM

Use SOCIAL MEDIA to help Talk Radio push more phone calls before final Senate amnesty vote in next 24 hours
June 26
7:00 am

So many of you are phoning Talk Radio this morning that I am getting calls from them asking that you use social media rather than the phone.

Because nearly all of these radio hosts are allies of the American people on this S. 744 amnesty monstrosity, we want to be accommodating and not disruptive as we continue to press all of them to drive every phone call to the Senate they can today.

Please look at the social media contact information below and use that to press hosts to constantly give out the Senate switchboard number through the final cloture vote, expected tomorrow morning?


There will be all kinds of distractions from Supreme Court rulings today. Talk Radio cannot allow those stories to dominate on a day when the nation must be mobilized to act against the corporate establishment's war on middle-class and wage-earning Americans through the S. 744 immigration bill.

Below, you will find contact info for many of the biggest shows. And I encourage you to contact any others that you follow on a regular basis.

Most of these hosts are on our side but many of them haven't fully focused on this amnesty disaster as something that would change everything else about this country.

Or, they are stopping short of giving out the phone number:


The message today is simple: Please give your listeners the phone number to call their Senators to vote NO on the S. 744 amnesty bill.

You can go to our home page for the latest information and talking points on our news stories and blogs:

What I hear from the Hill is that the only reason we still have a chance to beat this thing in the Senate is the tremendous outpouring of opposition phone calls the last two weeks.

We must do all we can to try to beat this thing at the last minute. And if we don't succeed at that, we have to have made so much noise that the House will be reluctant to deal with a Senate-passed bill at all.


(Make sure some of you start contacting from the bottom and the middle so that everybody gets attention.)

(And remember to thank them for all the help they have given in the past to spotlighting the problems with comprehensive amnesty legislation.)

Rush Limbaugh
[address removed]

Mike Church Show

Glenn Beck
[address removed]
[address removed]

Wilkow Majority

Sean Hannity

Mark Levin
[address removed]

David Webb

Andrea Tantaros


Rusty Humphries

Sara Marie Brenner
[address removed]

Rodger Hedgecock

Phil Valentine

Chris Plante Show


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