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Declaration of Intention

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies...

There is an alternative to national bankruptcy, a bigger police state, trillion-dollar wars, and a government that draws ever more parasitically on the productive energies of the American people. It's called freedom...

If we want to live in a free society, we need to break free from the artificial limitations on free debate and start asking serious questions once again. I am happy that my campaign for the presidency has finally raised some of them. But this is a long-term project that will persist far into the future. These ideas cannot be allowed to die, buried beneath the mind-numbing chorus of empty slogans and inanities that constitute official political discourse in America."

From The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul

Through many long, dark years in America, some few great patriots kept the lamplight of Liberty, shepherding its flame from those who would extinguish it entirely. On March 11, 2007, Congressman Ron Paul illuminated the darkness, thrusting that lamp aloft for the weary eyes of the nation to see. He declared his candidacy for President of the United States.

The resulting political phenomenon, now known as the Ron Paul Revolution, represents a turning point in American history. Dr. Ron Paul and the American patriots inspired by his message of Freedom have, in the process of the grassroots campaign for the Republican nomination for President, fundamentally changed American politics forever.

It has been conclusively proven that American citizens can organize themselves to take effective action in support of a core set of principles. In the face of determined opposition by the Establishment, we have met with unprecedented success. We have raised tens of millions of dollars. We have created hundreds of millions of dollars worth of publicity. We have assembled an army of 100,000 volunteers. We have reached millions of Americans with the Ron Paul message and they have been motivated in large numbers to support our candidate with their votes. We have shown decided capacity of action and clear determination of will that government of, by and for the People shall not perish.

In consideration:

Of the perilous economic condition of the nation,

Of the disastrous condition of the fiat monetary unit,

Of the Establishment's ruinous commitment to unending and ill-considered War and foreign adventure,

Of the State's unquenchable thirst for Tyrannical Powers in violation of the letter and spirit of the Constitution of the Republic,

Of the destitution of National Sovereignty rendered upon the country by treasonous agreements with Foreign and Transnational Powers,

Of the abrogation by the Federal Government of its duty to the protection and security of the national territory,

And of many other associated abuses and usurpations too numerous to be Declared herein;

We, having given proper and due consideration to the current situation of our country, do declare that it is our clear and determined Intention to continue the fight for Freedom and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic under any current or future circumstances. Our cause is not limited to or constrained by any electoral contest or result thereof. It is not limited by political party affiliation or anti-Constitutional regulations. It is not bound to any master or slave to any prerequisite other than the sacred principle of Freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America. Like Ron Paul, we take our inspiration and advice from the Founding Fathers of the Republic. Like the Founding Fathers, we swear that in support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

First they ignored us. Then they laughed at us. Now they fight us. Soon we shall win.

The Fight Is Not Over!

We will not give up this fight until our liberties, our Constitution, and our republic are restored! We must remain committed and active in this cause until we have met our objectives. This may take years, but take heart because we are winning!

Ron Paul has taken the first step by bringing us together in the cause of freedom, but it is up to us to sustain this movement and win back our liberty. In the thirty years of Ron Paul's public life, according to him, there has never been such a revival of the principals of freedom as there is today. Slowly but surely we are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public against the corrupt establishment and their lies. It took generations for them to get where they are at today so we cannot expect to change that overnight, or even over the course of one political campaign.

But if we remain committed and remain active in promoting the principals of liberty then we can right the ship, and change the current course of our nation. If we stop fighting now at a time when we still have enough freedoms left to take action, this crisis will not just go away. Ignoring the truth will not cause it to then become untrue. Even if we go back into the world of American Idol, football games, Sean Hannity, and Lindsay Lohan the enemies of freedom will still be hard at work. We might forget all about this movement and this chance we had to restore freedom and go back to sleep. But mark my words, if we do nothing we will wake up one day in a nation where all freedoms will be lost, the Constitution will be thrown out the window, and we will live in one giant police state.

This is the fear that keeps me awake at night, knowing that the enemies of freedom have had this future planned out for us long before I was even born. The enemies of freedom had this in mind when they met on a small island off the coast of Georgia shortly after the turn of the last century and drew up the plans for the Federal Reserve System. They had this in mind when they introduced the IRS and threatened free and sovereign citizens with force to get them to pay tribute. They had this in mind when they abolished the gold standard making it difficult for the average American to have real wealth. They had this in mind when they drew up the "Patriot" Act and then did away with habeas corpus. They had this in mind when they designed one of the greatest threats to our liberty today: Real ID.

I know this is a lot to overcome in our fight to restore freedom, and it gets to be overwhelming when you think about it. But if we take a look at this and then just close our eyes and do nothing because it is overwhelming and we are fighting an uphill battle will we truly be any better off? We live in a country that was founded on the principal of liberty and justice for all. We have much at stake in this effort. We are not just fighting for ourselves but for our children and our children's children. We must restore, not only for ourselves, but for them, the grand ideals of our nation's founding to ensure that they inherit a free and prosperous society truly representative of the American dream. This nation can truly take its seat as the greatest nation in the history of the world once again.

But how are we little people supposed to accomplish all that? It has been proven that even the media in this country is against us. To that I remind you that it is We The People who hold the true power. If the people of this nation stand up in one voice and just say no, then there is nothing that the enemies of freedom can do to us. It is like Aaron Russo said in America: Freedom to Fascism if people don't accept the national ID card, and, as a consequence, cannot board an airplane then let the airlines go broke. Soon the last airline that is left will not enforce the regulation anymore and allow people to fly who don't have an ID card just to stay in business. We The People just have to take our stand and say no. Sure the majority of the people have been lulled to sleep by the msm, the entertainment industry, and partisan politics, but I tell you this, that those people are in actuality the sleeping giant. If we remain committed and active we will wake up the sleeping giant, and once we alert them to what is going on there will be hell to pay for the enemies of freedom.

We are only the advanced forces of this revolution. We are the modern day Paul Revere's riding through the countryside alerting people to what is really going on. When the British Forces were on their way did Paul Revere just sit at home because he had other things to do, or because he felt that the British were just too strong to defeat? Or did the people who heard his call to arms just stay home for the same reasons? When we gather our entire force together in the cause of liberty there will be no force on earth that could come against us!

We must restore our liberties, our Constitution, and our republic before it is too late!

To do this we will be taking several steps in the immediate future:

  • Continuing to work with the Ron Paul 2008 Campaign for President in preparation for the Pennsylvania Republican Primary on April 22nd. We will also promote our Ron Paul Candidates for delegate. We will do this primarily by utilizing the Campaigns Precinct Leader Program by becoming precinct leaders and getting out the vote in our neighborhood.
  • Continuing to network with our fellow Ron Paul supporters in this region and around the country to ensure that they remain active in the freedom movement to assist us in this fight, and to ensure that we remain "plugged in" to their efforts as well.
  • Networking with other freedom loving groups to provide and receive assistance in our mutual goal.
  • We will continue to meet together in small and sometimes large groups at least once a month (more often during this campaign season).

In addition to working with the groups in Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties, as well as our friends in the Laurel Highlands, Erie, and Clarion Meetup Groups, we will have four small groups in Allegheny County as well:

  • The City Group
  • The South Hills Group
  • The North Hills Group
  • The Monroeville Group

Depending on the size of the total group I am not ruling out forming additional small groups. First they can be larger, i.e. adding "The Airport Area Group", College groups, or even breaking it down into a neighborhood or municipality level. If we generate a lot of additional members through our precinct leader project then this can be accomplished. The success and growth of this group is in your hands.

I think that one of the largest complaints about this movement not just locally but nationally is inexperience. Despite that we have accomplished some great things which only hints at how great this movement can become once we grow and gain more experience together. If you feel that you have some experience that can help us, please step up, we can certainly use your help! But if you are like me and feel that you have much to learn then please join me on my quest for knowledge on how we can have the greatest impact possible and win this country back!

I recognize that just as this movement is in it's infancy I am as well as an organizer in this movement. I have made mistakes in the past and I probably will make more in the future because I am just as new to this as most of you are. I am not a professional activist in politics or otherwise, and I am doing this on the side as I do have a full time job. But I can promise you this, I have a real heart for this movement and I have made a strong commitment to it. I get up in the morning and think about what I can do for the cause of freedom, and I also think about it before I go to bed at night. I have a vision for what we can become together. I will work hard and continuously improve myself and address my shortcomings. Although I am doing this out of self interest to restore my freedom, I have no ulterior motive. Those of you that know me know that I am doing this for the cause and have no ambition to be "in charge" or to build my name recognition or whatever. I am simply doing this for the cause. I also hope to see a day when I will cease to be needed. A day when a group of freedom lovers have turned themselves into a group of activists and the Pittsburgh group runs smoothly and on its own.

I have stepped up to fill a need to handle day to day operations, but this is totally 100% your group. I will be actively seeking your input and your involvement. The only time that I would ever object to assisting in any project that you are working on is if it would hurt the freedom movement. I will be a jealous guardian if the integrity of this movement. To give an example is when someone recently suggested that we help Melissa Hart with her election just because she is a republican. I rejected that because Melissa Hart is not one of us, and I feel that if a politician does not care about freedom or about the Constitution that they are part of the problem. I did not want our groups efforts to be wasted in that manner. Once we would become compromised and lose our integrity we would be no better than the current party machines that we have today that continue to sell out for additional money and power. I promise you that I will never allow that to happen, the principals of liberty are too important. Even when we build an army of over 1000 freedom-loving patriots and every politician is trying to get their hands on us and gain our support I will always put the movement and our principals first, and I hope you would too.

So take an active role in promoting your projects, and thinking of new ideas that could help us. If you want to hold a rally, hold a rally we will support you. If you want to pass out literature or go door to door we will help with that as well. Like I said as long as the project doesn't hurt the integrity of this movement you are encouraged to take off with it. This group will thrive on that independent spirit.

Part of my vision for this group includes growing together and becoming true activists for the cause of freedom and be a part of the change that returns this country to it's constitutional roots. To do this I would like to work with many different groups that share our goals such as the The Constitution Party of PA, The Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh, The Republican Liberty Caucus, The Pennsylvania Republican Assembly, Aaron Russo's Restore The Republic, The National Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs and others that share in our goal to restore our republic.

I feel that by networking with these groups and others we will find people of considerable political expirience that can really help us. You personally can be a member of any number or none of these groups. Political affiliation is not important as long as we are active in this cause. That is why it is important that while we are working with these groups that we also remain our own separate group because each and every one of us are not going to join all of these groups. In that role we can also help be the network between each of these groups linking up all freedom activists.

For example RTR, and NVCCA are holding an Anti-Real ID Rally on March 13th in Pittsburgh. Our group is going to be a part of it and because of that the members from the other groups, who are all against Real ID, will know about and can get involved with the rally.

It is important that we freedom activists lock arms, even though we may belong to all different groups, and stand up for the freedom message as we all can unite behind the banner of The Ron Paul Revolution.

We will also work to get candidates on the ballot that share Ron Paul's message, and work to promote their candidacy, whether they are Republicans, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, or Independents.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you over the long haul in this cause! Together we will restore our liberties, our Constitution, and our cherished republic! We will continue to promote Ron Paul's freedom message, and continue to look to him as the leader of this Revolution!!

In Liberty and Truth,

Nick Ramaglia
The New Ron Paul Revolution:
Pittsburgh Freedom Activists
Meetup Group

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