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This is the Word Template to use to print Avery 5620 labels to stick on your slim jims

Word file 21K A former member Jan 5, 2008

Party~ Ron Paul fundraiser party Flyer

Ron Paul Dec 1st Fund Raiser in San Diego A Party Where the Door Prize is a Free Country!! December 1, 2007 7:00 pm

an image 241K Victoria Nov 12, 2007

Ron Paul Ad

This full-page ad will appear in the November 20 or 21, USA Today laying out the case for Ron Paul. It's being funded by a donor from Massachusetts who is not connected to the official campaign.

Adobe Acrobat file 951K Victoria Nov 16, 2007


Very Persuasive Flyer for Jews and Pro-Isreal Christians to support Ron Paul

Adobe Acrobat file 3.0M Victoria Jan 22, 2008

Primary Schedule

Comprehensive information regarding Primary Schedule and delegate counts from http://en.wikiped...­

Excel spreadsheet 54K Victoria Jan 23, 2008

RON PAUL college flyer

I just made a flyer that we are going to take to the colleges CSUSM and Palomar Community College. This is a fun flier to get the younger generation to take a look at Ron Paul.

Word file 263K A former member Jan 19, 2008

Why should Ron Paul be president flyer

Me and my girlfriend made this flyer. We distributed it to 300 homes in the nearest 65+ community. We will also be setting up a stand at walmart and distributing it to everyone who comes by. Take a look at it.

Word file 63K A former member Jan 27, 2008

Media contacts

List of media contacts. Please use this information to inform the media of any upcoming events such as the Rally, the limo, or the blimp, or anything else that comes up that we want their attention on. Let them know when, where, who, etc.

Word file 25K A former member Jan 28, 2008

Dont tax me bro

I luv it! Gonna post these around my complex (mostly college kids).

Adobe Acrobat file 168K A former member Jan 6, 2008


Ron Paul 2008 sign in Vector. Great for areas with younger voters. SDSU / UCSD / USD / Pacific Beach come to mind. Thanks to for the free artwork.

Adobe Acrobat file 606K A former member Jan 8, 2008

Press Release 01.08.2010 Tea Party Patriot to run for California

Press Release 01.08.2010 Tea Party Patriot to run for California Governor

Adobe Acrobat file 720K A former member Jan 8, 2010

United We Stand

Endeavor to Unite Nationwide

Adobe Acrobat file 54K A former member Jul 30, 2007

RON PAUL X-Mas cards

3 Ron Paul X-Mas card in PDF format. Print, fold, glue with glue stick, press, then place in an invitation size envelope.

Zip archive 643K A former member Dec 9, 2007


X-Mas card in PDF format. Print, fold, glue with glue stick, press, then place in an invitation size envelope, mail.

Adobe Acrobat file 231K A former member Dec 11, 2007

rp_sales 2

SUPPLIES for sale Time to get your Supplies. We can even drop your order of at your location (in the San Diego area). Contact Mike Benoit at 619-885-1378 or mblibertarian7@earth­ to get your stuff.

Adobe Acrobat file 369K A former member Jan 16, 2008

Rp Half-page detailed fliers

Detailed Half-page fliers. Shows where Ron Paul stands on a number of issues. Email me at if you want the template. I will try to respond in a timely manner.

an image 499K A former member Jul 6, 2007

Canvassing Script for Door-to-Door Precinct Walking

Use this script to help with your door-to-door precinct walking. There is also a list of recommended items to bring along with you.

Adobe Acrobat file 180K A former member Dec 10, 2007

Ron Paul VOTERGUIDE Version B Flyer v07

Ron Paul VOTERGUIDE Version B Flyer v07 8.5x11 B&W (or color) flyer great to give to liberals and Democrats. Compares Ron to Hillary and Obama.

Word file 150K A former member Sep 4, 2007

Ron Paul Conservative VOTERGUIDE Flyer v20

8.5x11 in. B&W or color flyer. Excellent for conservatives and Republicans ONLY. Compares Ron to Giuliani, Fred, Romney, and McCain. For updates and other flyers see San Francisco RP Meetup Group files.

Word file 265K A former member Sep 10, 2007

Liberty Quotes

Over 1,800 historical, philosophical, and legal quotes on government, freedom, money, more. Jefferson, Locke, Voltaire, Washington, Cicero, Ayn Rand, Bastiat, Aristotle, Hayek, Madison, Mencken, Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, de Tocqueville, Paine.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.5M A former member Apr 26, 2010


Word file 269K A former member Jun 4, 2011

Mosaic Handout

Adobe Acrobat file 3.7M A former member Jun 4, 2011

Ron Paul Handout

I made this for more traditional republicans. Take this and use it however you want depending on your audience. Make your own changes and improvements. I feel we should highlight more of his character and accomplishments versus fringe issues.

Word file 36K A former member Jun 4, 2011


A short video (Quicktime required to view) taken from my crappy camera phone of us all at the GOP HQ speaking with Ron Paul on his conference call he made to us! He's discussing the moneybomb today (1/21/08) in the short clip...

a .3g2 file 162K A former member Jan 21, 2008

Tear-off Flyer - Suellen

Adobe Acrobat file 1.4M A former member Feb 19, 2008

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