Ballots in 2012 or Bullets 2016

From: Keith B.
Sent on: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 7:20 AM

In 2012, we will be asked to vote for or against the Constitution. We will be voting to restore the Republic or to support the Democracy that has been created of, by and for the Wall Street Bankers. You will be voting implement the principles of liberty and individual responsibility or your will be voting to endorse the principles collectivism. I don't see how anyone in good conscience can vote for anyone other than Ron Paul. Voting for someone else is like voting for emphysema instead of lung cancer.

If all of the people that are not registered to vote joined forces with disgruntled Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitution Party members, American Independents and Declined to States we could form a coalition that would overwhelm the Republicans and Democrats and sweep Ron Paul in to office.

If the members of Congress used the power delegated to them in the Constitution they could render the President virtually powerless. Any action taken by the President is subject to Congressional approval. Presidents have no legislative power and anything that he proposes is merely a suggestion to be voted on by Congress. Any program or agency he attempts to create, must be funded by Congress. If Congress began doing its job as defined in the Constitution, we could elect a 50 pound bag of cement to be our President and we would be better off than we are now.

Whe we elect Ron Paul in 2012, we also need to boot out of Congress every incumbent. This would send all politicians a loud and clear message that we will no longer allow Congress to conspire with the President to violate the Constitution and plunder the people of America.


In th Declaration of Indpendence we are told that when the government becomes the author of tyranny, it is right and our duty to alter or abolish it. When can choose to have a peaceful revolution using ballots, but if we fail to act decisively now, it may become necessary to participate in a revolution requiring the use of bullets.

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