Rand Paul betrays Liberty

From: Mike B.
Sent on: Friday, June 8, 2012 9:46 AM

San Diego Ron Paulers:

Subject Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney



I don’t know about you but I was not surprised by Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney. Obviously Rand finds it easier to sacrifice principle for a pretended value than Ron Paul. Actually I have only found fault in Ron Paul on some of his past endorsements. This endorsement of Rand’s is so pathetic and such a slap in the face of liberty and a lifting up of tyranny that my words at this time will not explain the depth of this evil.


Romney is Obama, and to name just a few similarities, he is a D- on the gun issues, a Federal Reserve supporter and Wall Street Bankster bailout supporter. He believes in all the corporatism, undeclared wars, indefinite detention under NDAA, Patriot Act, mandated health care by the state and so much more tyranny.


I know what it is like to have to run against someone for congress who has achieved his position not by his merit but by his father’s merit. That is the way of Rand Paul. He is not a liberator but instead a controller. Sorry if any of you were deceived by him.


Liberty is an ongoing process and it must be nourished constantly just as you must nourish your life or you will perish. Liberty is nourished by resisting and destroying tyranny not by supporting it as Rand has just done.


I am also sorry that there are so very few champions of liberty out there. Maybe because of that we should cherish our beloved Dr. Paul even more.


Mike Benoit

Liberty Daddy

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