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From: i4freedom
Sent on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 1:43 PM

Most or all of us knew that constitutional candidates, regardless of party (if any), have little to no chance of becoming president. Too many powerful organizations, unions and corporations (CBS, NBC...)will not allow this. The chances are slim that Paul can get the Republican nomination. He still has a small chance - Romney could blunder big, quit, get real sick or die, or Paul could win the RNC convention vote for president (there could be more Paul delegates pretending to be Romney delegates than we know of). I do not want to give up on Paul until the nomination is official during the convention. I do not want the Paul delegates to feel abandoned and not attend. However, I am not going to change my principles from the constitution and freedom to compromise by supporting RINO Romney.
 Why Romney will probably be worse than Obama:
1. Our national economy has been declining and big government has been increasing for the past 30+- years regardless of which party is “in control” and which “establishment” candidate win. This trend is likely to continue. It can get worse than Obama.
2. No one knows the future. What Romney says now may be nothing like what he will do. Power tends to corrupt so the likelihood of corruption is high.
3. Politicians lie and exaggerate. Therefore, what Romney says is likely be different than what he will do. He is known for “flip-flopping” on issues.
4. Even if Romney is less evil than Obama (which cannot be proven), he is still evil.
5. The media has basically chosen presidential nominees for each party using updates, stories and survey polls while ignoring constitutional candidates. Obviously the collectivist media chose Romney for the Republican nomination because they have promoted him and called him the “presumptive nominee” long before he had the minimum 1,144 delegates.
6. Congress governs also and has powers that the president does not have. Presidents are only allowed to enforce the laws passed by congress and the supreme law made by the people (constitution). Congress gave Obama “Obamacare”. “Romneycare” and “Obamacare”are similar. In other words, Congress is to blame also.
7. If it is true that presidents are“puppets” of certain organizations, unions and/or corporations, then it does not matter which party or “establishment” candidate becomes president.
8. People expect the same things from presidents – basically collectivists want commerce and the economy controlled and conservatives want society controlled (drugs, marriage, sexual behavior,…).
9. Both parties will play politics against each other and try to restrict the powers of the other party. So compromise or a power play will be used.
10. Romney and Obama (“Obamney”) are supported by the same big donors and both agree on 13+ issues according to

Supporting a "3rd party" candidate who is a constitutional freedom lover is consistent with my principles, but the media will not let him/them win and most Americans believe that this is a wasted vote and will get Obama reelected. If so, maybe this will teach the GOP a lesson about cheating in caucuses and conventions and treating Paul and his supporters unfairly. There are other pros and cons of voting 3rd party to consider. Here are some more:

The case against the "wasted vote" argument

1. Voting for the lesser of the evils rather than the candidate you prefer (defensive voting) still yields evil.

2. Defensive voting has never worked. Instead our culture and "officials" are getting worse.

3. Defensive voting ignores the best candidate and all but 2 parties.

4. Voting for the best candidate will stop the domination of the corrupt Republicrats.

5. "Third Party" and independent candidates have won elections and have accomplished things when in office. This contradicts Duverger’s Principle/Law, which is a theory by Frenchman Maurice Duverger in the 1950s and has several flaws.

Jesse Ventura, Joe Lieberman and others won as independents.

6. An unprincipled vote is a wasted vote. Principles are not partisan.

7. Voting is your "voice". Tell America (or your state, county or city) your opinion. Future policy could change with enough votes.

8. The U.S.A. Constitution was not made for parties and some of America’s founders disliked political parties.

9. Voting for a candidate you do not want elected is allowing the media and/or polls to make the choice for you. Think for yourself. Elections should not be popularity contests based only on name fame.

10. You sell out your opinion when you vote defensively. You give up your power to cause change for the better. You settle for the status quo.

11.The most successful third party in the Twentieth Century was the Socialist Party. While never winning any significant elections, their small but growing vote totals were a threat to the Democrats. Thus the Democrats, and then later the Republicans, slowly adopted every major tenet of the 1916 Socialist Party platform. Libertarians and Constitutionalists are the opposite of the Socialists, but find their success instructive. The ideas about liberty during the Revolutionary War are now being seriously debated or, in some cases, implemented by the other parties. An increasing number of Libertarian and Constitution Party votes are noted by the politicians as well as the media.

12. Voting againstsomeone or for a lesser evil is interpreted to be a vote for the person voted for. No one knows why you voted the way you did except you. It is assumed that the politics of the winner is what people voted for. Would a business change their way if you kept shopping there even after complaining about them?

13. We cannot predict the future. There is no way to know who will be the lesser of the evils especially since politicians lie. History proves that most Republicans and Democrats continue to cause evil and bring down America.

14. “Voting 3rdparty will split the vote.” What vote? Two parties split the vote. Some other nations have 3 major parties and do just fine as well as nonpartisan races of 3 or more candidates. Both political sides (right and left) have“vote-splitters”.

15. Just once, vote for the best candidate. You never know the outcome because you never tried it before.


 I suggest we support Paul until the RNC convention and if he runs as an independent. If he does not, support Gary Johnson. 

I know not what course others may take. But as for me, give me liberty or give me death.


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