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From: i4freedom
Sent on: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 10:05 AM

Has anyone heard or read about a "9-11 Rally" at a busy intersection near you? I only saw it in 1 place so it seems that it is only a local event planned by maybe 1 person. It is from 4:30 to 6:30 PM September 11. There is no theme or subject so we can bring signs that say whatever we want. This is NOT a Ron Paul event, but you may bring Paul signs if you want to. Do we want to attend? Please vote and state if you have heard of this rally. Thanks.



The left-wing biased media promoted Mitt Romney before he announced he would run for president. They nearly ignored Ron Paul and some others and promoted Romney the most. Many positive stories and polls  about Romney were pushed by the media. Examples: “GOP race down to just Perry and Romney” by A.P., 9/11/11; “Perry, Romney twist records in GOP debate” by A.P., 9/11/11; “Poll: Romney leads New Hampshire, Huntsman in third, Perry in fourth” by Yahoo News, 9/22/11. As caucus straw polls and primaries were tallied, more and more Republicans voted for the promoted one - Romney.

Polls show that about 85% of the media are Democrats. In other words, Democrats indirectly picked the Republican nominee. And the Republicans are supporting the Democrat’s GOP nominee.

$ + media = president, Congressman, governor, assemblyman, senator, mayor……………………………………. Sorry America, you don’t get to choose.

GOP = Guilty Of Progressivism

Mitt Romney as president:

1. Our national economy has been declining and big government has been increasing for the past 30+- years regardless of which party is “in control” and which “establishment” candidate wins. This trend is likely to continue. It can get worse than Obama.

2. No one knows the future. What Romney says may be nothing like what he will do. Power tends to corrupt so the likelihood of corruption is high. Republicans who believe that Romney will be better have Ingroup Bias.

3. Politicians lie and exaggerate. Therefore, what Romney says is likely be different than what he will do. He is known for “flip-flopping” on issues. He talks like a typical politician – vague, platitudes, subjective and symbolic.

4. Even if Romney is less evil than Obama (which cannot be proven), he is still evil. Hitler or Stalin? Neither.

5. The media has basically chosen presidential nominees for each party using updates, stories and survey polls while ignoring constitutional candidates. Obviously the collectivist media chose Romney for the Republican nomination because they have promoted him and called him the “presumptive nominee” long before he had the minimum 1,144 delegates.

6. Congress governs also and has powers that the president does not have. Presidents are only allowed to enforce the laws passed by congress and the supreme law made by the people (constitution). Congress gave Obama “Obamacare”. “Romneycare” and “Obamacare” are similar. In other words, Congress is to blame also.

7. If it is true that presidents are “puppets” of certain organizations, unions and/or corporations, then it does not matter which party or “establishment” candidate becomes president.

8. People expect the same things from presidents – basically collectivists want commerce and the economy controlled and conservatives want society controlled (drugs, marriage, sexual behavior,…).

9. Both parties will play politics against each other and try to restrict the results of the other party. So compromise or power plays will be used. Both will ignore our constitution and the people’s rights.

10. When a Republican is in office, Republicans and “conservatives” will deny negative claims against him/her, not get the many complaints about corruption that they got when a democrat or “liberal” was in office, will not pay attention as much believing there will not be any corruption and they will blindly defend accusations against him/her (Ingroup Bias).

11. Romney and Obama (“Obamney”) are supported by the same big donors and both agree on 13+ issues according to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWDJEc92d38

     Together, all 11 support the likelihood that RINO (Republican In Name Only) Romney will be worse than Obama.

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