My Principles both personal and political

From: Mike B.
Sent on: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 11:22 AM
What are my principles?

Each of us is endowed with free will, life, and property (our bodies 
and our thoughts)
These endowments extend to other rights, such as, freedom of speech, 
assembly and pursuit of happiness.

All of us have the right to use deadly force to protect our life, 
liberty and property against any and all unjust attacks on them.

No one has the right to violate another's rights or property, and if 
they do, then restitution must be made. (violations will occur as 
acts of force or fraud) And yes people will violate other people's rights.

The fruits of a man's labor are his property. To force a man to give 
up the fruits of his labor is involuntary servitude.

Government is instituted to secure our rights, which it does by 
dealing with the violators.
You have a right to life, liberty and justly acquired property, but 
it is not government's charge to protect those things themselves, 
just the right to them. You are charged with protecting your own body 
and property, but if you are not successful then we turn to 
government to restore your integrity. You can use deadly force 
against a rapist, mugger or murderer and if we are not successful 
then we turn to government for restitution. Fraud needs to be dealt 
with through the legal system.

Government is a necessary evil, necessary in that without it society 
will implode on itself with evil doers having their way with the rest 
of us, evil in the sense we must give up a portion of our production 
for the protection of the rest.

A tyranny upon the mind is a violation of free will and a fraud. 
(tyranny = taking control without the right) Mind control is mostly 
accomplished by fraud.

I have an eternal hatred against every form of tyranny upon the mind of man.

What a man puts in his body is his free will choice.

Violating free will is a tyranny and a crime.

Violating free will and confiscating the fruits of one's labor is 
slavery and a crime and a sin against God.

A government that violates rights instead of securing them is a Tyranny.

If a law violates free will, property rights or life then it is 
contrary to government's purpose and is a tyrannical act.

If government is held to its purpose even the anarchist would have 
little complaints regarding it.

If you don't have the right to do it yourself then you don't have the 
right to compel it by the force of government.

Handicap laws violate property rights

Mandatory Social Security confiscation violates free will and 
confiscates the fruits of our labor.

Mandatory health care insurance or any insurance is a violation of 
property and free will.

All guns laws are a violation of liberty and property.

All laws that restrict drug use violate free will, property rights and life.

All those who participate in the incarceration, prosecution, of 
people who violated no one are guilty of criminal violation of life, 
liberty and property.

All those who vote for people who approve any of the above are guilty 
of violating rights.

Taxes for any other purpose than that of protecting rights are 
violations of life, liberty and property.

Licenses are violations of free will, property and life.

User fees appropriate to use are an equal exchange even if under a monopoly.

Michael Benoit
Ron Paul for President

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