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No Ron Paul, No GOP

431 out of 100,000
The Republican Party (GOP)
Created By
Ken Stanton
Fort Collins, CO
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This petition is about ONE SIMPLE ACTION.

We are using the power of the People to get the GOP to do what they should - support the ONLY Presidential Candidate who actually supports the principles of their Conservative base:
Constitutional government
Free Markets
Personal responsibility
Protection of life

Why People Are Signing

Josh Goodin
4 months ago
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The establishment candidates can't beat Obama. Why is the GOP more interested in beating Paul? Is it because he represents real change? Because he won't be complacent in the bipartisan effort to destroy America?

Der Vue
4 months ago
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I definitely agree~ it's time to go back to our roots.

Catalina Pratt
4 months ago
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End the Corruption!

David Poetter
4 months ago
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We, the libertarians, the moderates, the traditional conservatives, and the disenfranchise liberal will get Ron Paul as the GOP nominee, or you can have Obama back.
Simple as that.
This country is long past the point of being able to fix itself by making cosmetic modifications. You must tear it down and start over, and get it right this time. Or it crashes down on you when you least expect it, and suffer greatly for it.
We're no longer interested in worrying about if we need new wallpaper when the whole foundation is crumbling away. We will no longer tolerate it from you, either.
Paul, or Obama. If we don't get Paul, you can choke on Obama for all we care.

Emily Dever
4 months ago
ron paul is the only candidate who represents what the people stand for.

Shawn Burns
4 months ago
The GOP claims to be a big tent and is part of a two party system that presumes to be representative of most Americans. It is not and I'm tired of being effectively disenfranchised. You can't have it both ways. Ignoring Ron Paul and his message yet expecting his supporters to "get in line" is unacceptable. Adapt or become irrelevant.
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dont tread on me"
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