Ron Paul Now and Forever, Join us in this Great Campaign!

From: Bill
Sent on: Friday, March 7, 2008 10:09 PM
fellow patriots,

i want to introduce myself as the new organizer, at least for technical (meetup) reasons. i am joined by group of amazing freedom fighters. this includes drew, jubair, evan, dave doctor, dave chen, luke, ron, many i lost count. this movement is alive and well.

i want to thank avery knapp our fearless leader who at first brought us all together last summer. also all the volunteers that helped us and ron paul start the 2nd revolution.

as we move forward our goals and actions will take on new agendas, but our mission is the same. limited government, protect freedom, sound money, free markets and non-interventionist foreign policy.

we will continue to promote the doctrine that ron paul awoke in all of us. instead focusing on national attention we will look no further than our own backyard the NYC Metro area.

at the moment the organizers and i have agreed we shall focus on three elements. they are, getting liberty minded individuals elected to local and state office. next, continue to educate the community through outreaches, forums and events. last, become a legislative watch dog and ensure only constitutional bills are introduced.

already in the works is a new organization that will help us reach these goals. this will be separate from this group as Greater NYC Ron Paul Action Group is here to stay.

the 2nd revolution is upon us and ron paul is the founding father of this movement. we will never forget what ron paul started. we will continue to look to ron paul for inspiration and guidance. with that in mind i urge each and everyone of you to watch this video, it will remind you why we started and why we must finish it.

also please support our dear friends murray sabrin and jim forsythe who are running for office under the liberty banner. they need your help.

alot will be happening in the following month so stay in touch and stay involved. we will need you to take this to the next level. "you say you want a revolution, well....." here it is!

Bill Buran

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