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December 9, 2011

How long have you been conscious that you no longer believe in gods? Has the realization altered things in your life?

Conscious - perhaps 20 years, very much so for the last 10. In retrospect it's clear that it never made any sense to me. I have always had the feeling that I viewed the world from a very different perspective than those around me. The realization that it was this foundational component of my worldview that was at odds with everyone else's has opened my eyes to how pervasive and insidious it is. It's everywhere! And it's nonsense!

What led you to abandon your faith in the prevailing mythologies of the culture? Was it a sudden realization? Triggered by an event? Or did you just gradually evolve to this position without realizing it until it was done?

Scientists, artists, writers & inventors were my heroes as a kid. I was captivated by stories of the early pioneers of science. Discovery and proof of anything contrary to the sacred "truths" held by the church was thrilling to me. Divorce probably triggered a general re-evaluation of just about everything 20 some years ago.

What belief system were you raised in?

My father was a fairly devout catholic. My mother was a non-practicing protestant. I was raised catholic but attended public schools. 2 parish priests were frequent dinner guests at our home. They were impressive characters, very familiar with my scientific heroes and all sorts of culture. They seemed familiar with serveral languages and could answer many of my questions, save for a few that seemed to irritate them in some way. ;)


Hey everyone - I've been a member for a couple of years now. This is a great group of people. I recommend taking any chance you get to visit with them.

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