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Great Meetup

Lori C.
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Salt Lake City, UT
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Thank You to everyone who came to the Spanish Meetup last night. We had 15 participants which was awesome.
For those of you not quite ready to Speak, I would like to recommend Pimsleur Spanish Audio. There are 4 different levels. This is the one single item that really jump started my ability and confidence to speak. They are available at the library. If you are interested give them a try. I listen to them while driving and exercising.

See you next week,
A former member
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There were 15 attending but way short of 15 participants. Not sure how a views on immigration discussion between native speakers and one or two others who are very good spanish speakers is helpful to others but to a near beginner it was a telling me your political views to me literally means nothing because i have no idea what you are saying. I would be keenly interested in your stopping and telling/reinforcing a word meaning or a say immersion but what i sat through was submersion...last week was far more hands on...i learned a swear word and played loteria. Lori's tip on Pimsleur was my only thing learned. Even the guy that flip/snaps his fingers was pretty quiet along with a few others that seemed last week to be very strong speakers were pretty quiet Tuesday. Is that really the prefered direction of this group? Or do you want to play Loteria?
Keith K.
Prescott, AZ
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Thanks for your feedback, Gaylen. The Tuesday night group is indeed an immersion group, or could even be considered a submersion group (as you call it). The idea is to replicate what it would be like to be dropped into a Spanish speaking country where there are no English speakers, thus it forces you to use your Spanish and not keep falling back on English. It can be overwhelming, for sure, but it really is the best way to move toward fluency ... and it is the method practiced by virtually all of the hundreds of Spanish language schools in Central and South America. Though Beginners may not be able to participate fully (or at all) in our Tuesday night group, even a Beginner can benefit from the practice of tuning your ear to hear Spanish spoken by more advanced speakers, and this is very valuable training. If, however, you would like a more Beginner group with a mix of English and Spanish, feel free to organize one and I would be more than happy to post it on our meetup group calendar; just let me me know the time, day, and location. In fact, there have been others who have expressed interest in such a Beginner group, so it would be fabulous if you could take the lead in forming such a group. You can also find many adult education groups and other Spanish classes around town that mix Spanish with explanations and instructions in English. But as for the Tuesday night group at Huntsman, it has always been a Spanish conversation group that uses an immersion environment.
A former member
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Keith.......Don't worry I won't be dragging down your crew...I am not trying to change your group...just talking...Forgive me please if I have offended your meet up or your intellect or you. That was not my intent I was only responding to Lori posting that it was a great Meetup...I did not think it was. I also wanted to thank her for a tip on material that I might find useful. She has been very kind. My comments were only observations of a new guy and selfish "in a what can I learn" view. They should not (and obviously don't) mean anything. What do I know?!
I had only been to two meetups and if they had been in the reverse order it would of only been one. I am pretty thick headed but I think that I was not the only one that benefitted more from 11/22 than 11/29. I learned "Feliz Diaz de action de gracias" I am 58. I never knew how to say that before. Now I do. And every Thanksgiving....I will remember learning that at your meetup. Thank you. Remedial to you?...huge to me!....had me talking up your meetup online and off....Two weeks ago there was a guy jabbering away in Spanish and laughing and flipping and snapping his fingers. It was a pleasure even to be at the same table as this guy. His enthusiasm was contageuos. Tuesday although I am sure he understood a lot more than me he was pretty quiet, as were most of us extending "your courtesy in just listening until you are ready to converse in Spanish" as it says on your home page...I did read that before I signed up but I also read This group is for all language levels,
beginner to native speaker
you make it pretty clear that is not the case, at least by design. Do you really think the other 7 or 8 quiet sitters on 11/29 really learned more my listening only to fast native Spanish than they would of had they been talking.
They all pretty well strayed week before there was a lot of English flowing. However there was a lot of spanish spoken I understood when told in Spanish that one person had two uncles from OR coming and there would be 9 at the table and a different lady was going to Green River and then camping/hiking...I sat next to a native speaker and I bet that rascal spoke as many English words as he did Spanish. That was useful I learned a lot.
As far as sending me off to start a beginners group that won't really work either. We would kind of need a mentor/teacher/native speaker. Turns out speaking Spanish with people who don't speak spanish is not much help either. I might as well come sit in a room with a few native speakers speaking fast and only amongst themselves. Again.
Keith K.
Prescott, AZ
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I think of our online group,, as the entire community of local Spanish language learners ... and within that larger group we try to promote smaller sub-groups and/or meetings. Right now we only have the Tuesday night conversation group scheduled, and also the intercambio (English - Spanish) meeting on Saturdays at the library. In the past we have had vocabulary study groups, grammar study groups, etc.

Regarding the Tuesday night group, it has always been intended to be a Spanish immersion conversation group ... but over time we have relaxed that "Spanish only" stipulation just a tad to allow a bit of English to get un-stuck in conversation, but really that group should quickly return to Spanish only. On the same token, we do not want to exclude anyone from the Spanish conversation group (or any other meeting) ... so all are welcome to come to the Tuesday night group. Yes, by design, that would pretty much limit beginners to only listening all or most of the time, but listening and tuning the ear to hear Spanish is an important part of the learning process. You can be a very active participant by simply, and only, listening.

We simply cannot make a single meeting be all things for all people. The Tuesday night has it's "Spanish only" focus, but we also need to spawn off other groups that can be helpful to learners of all levels. I am by no means "sending" you off, just asking if you would be willing to start a study or some other group that is targeted to a specific purpose. I will put it on the calendar and do what I can to support you.

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