Secret Masters

From: user 659400
Sent on: Thursday, April 10, 2008 3:44 AM
The Secret Masters that are mentioned herein have caused the media to deny the authenticity of the various conspiracy theories put forth in this report. They say it is a hoax. You be the judge. I came across this message accidentally while doing research on an unrelated subject.

? Everything you read in the tabloids is true! Aliens regularly visit Earth, and are in contact with high government officials. They are earth?s Secret Masters.
? Their flying machines do not always appear as UFOs in this modern era. Aliens have technologies that far exceed human knowledge, including the ability to disguise their aircraft and spaceships, including the ability to avoid photographic recording. They may appear to be any flying object from a Piper Cup to a 747 or helicopter. Or, as in early human times, they may appear to be large common birds. They have observed and controlled earth since before the dawn of civilization.
? Aliens have the ability to appear to be human and are among us in our everyday lives. The Men in Black are everywhere, and will snatch you from your home if you ask too many questions or if you see something you shouldn't see. A few of us, a very few of us, can see them for what they are but they and their kind discredit our reports and hold us up to public ridicule through their media members.
? In this modern era, Orbital Mind Control satellites disguised as manmade satellites cruise the skies, influencing international politics and decide the fates of billions. They are at all levels of the world?s governments and institutions including the highest levels.
? Alien Gnomes of Zurich and their worldwide financial institutions, including your local bank, control the world's monetary supply and manipulate it to fit their own sinister plans.
? They have created such a complex web of secrets, mysteries and conspiracies that humans do not know what is happening. They lie?all the time.
? You cannot protect yourself from the Alien conspiracy and you never know who is pulling your strings.
? Because of the Aliens, everything you know is a lie. Everything you suspect is true. They have made the world a very strange place in the eyes of the very few of us who are immune to their influence.
? However, we, the immune ones, have formed a worldwide secret society that espouses the use of DNA manipulation in fetuses that will make future generations immune, like us. Beyond that, our immune scientists are working on ways to change the DNA structure of any human regardless of age. We welcome all humans that are immune to the Aliens? control to join us.
? DO NOT FORWARD this message to anyone you do not know to be immune to Alien control. Otherwise, like me, you will be subject to the Aliens? punishment. In fact, by the time you read this, I may no longer exist.
For obvious reasons, I withhold my name as the sender of this message.

This report was created based on an article published in GURPS Illuminati.

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