Tuesday Writing Prompt #9: Shoot for it...

From: SkyeB.
Sent on: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 11:24 PM
Our writing participation DOUBLED with the last 'drabble' prompt! (Thanks Ed!) Let's see if we can get something started with the contest below.

I wonder if we'll ever have a Mardie Gras on the moon? People would throw beads, but they'd never come back....become new strings of stars. Stars? Space? The Moon? Sounds like the realm of a certain:
National Space Society that just so happens to be holding a short story contest with a theme about: lunar settlement.

Tuesday Writing Prompt #9:? To the Moon!
From the NSS:

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Science Fiction stories that show the adventure of lunar settlement.? We want to feel the romance of life there, the wonder of the lunar frontier, of its magnificent desolation.? We prefer near future (50 to 150 years from now), realistic stories about human lunar settlement.? We want good characterization and well-written, tight prose.? We want to feel what it's like to live on the Moon.

We will be accepting submissions for stories that deal with humanity's return to, and colonization of the Moon.? Winning stories will be selected later this year by a panel of award-winning authors and editors, and will be included in the print anthology RETURN TO LUNA.? Winners will also receive complimentary full-year memberships to the National Space Society, including a subscription to the award-winning magazine, Ad Astra, and a chance for their story to be featured in a review in an upcoming issue of the magazine.
* How have we set about establishing a lunar base, and then a colony?
* What are living conditions like?
* What is the lunar wilderness like?? What kind of exploring to settlers do?
* What are the buildings like and how do people get around the lunar surface?
* What kinds of transportation do they use to travel to and from the Moon?
* What kind of society lives there?? What are the challenges to human social structures?
* Are lunar colonies self-sufficient or do they depend on Earth?
* What kind of industries exist and how do the colonists make use of lunar resources?
* Does the colony resemble Las Vegas or is it more like a science outpost?
* Will there be settlements on the far side -- a radio telescope array, perhaps?
* Is the colony located near one of the poles where miners extract ice from the permanently shadowed areas?
* Why have we established a colony on the Moon??

Just a reminder of what we're doing here:
1. Write a story based on the prompt
2. If you want, password protect the story using your word editor software (ie MS Word)
3. Upload it to the sci-fi group's files page
4. Email me the password
5. All who participated will get emailed the passwords on?MONDAY night.
6. Review and feedback begins
7. A prompt every other Tuesday.
Make 2009 the year that you did.

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