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So, so very angry at the church...

Seattle, WA
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My goddess.

Was it the folly of the ancient ones? The decline of the mysteries of the Universe perhaps? What was it that drove humankind to embrace the rhetoric of christianity?

I recently watched 'Agora' and I could not possibly feel any more contempt at christianity, the christian church and men in general. Being a man, raised by christian parents, a graduate from christian grammer and high schools I feel completely and utterly disgusted with myself, as I should.

Since 2007 I have identified as Pagan, and looking back, have practiced Pagan ritual since early childhood. Tonight I am disgusted at every gospel, every psalm, every "book" with that fucking cross on it. For 2,000 years that cross has wreaked nothing but pain, intolerance, death, misery and complete, absolute and inescapable suffering in it's wake. Why? Because men in positions of power, like in Agora, were catalyst to those offices by herds driven by christian fear mongering? Those same men who violently crushed the institutions of knowledge, of reason and of pagan spirituality only to instill lawlessness, terror and unending guilt in their place.

Beginning the reading of the Malleus Maleficarum, and other works citing the horrors committed against the female gender enkindled my rage further. I can literally feel the anger surge through my body, like a hot red magma, ready to ignite anything it touches. (I know what I'm doing for ritual this Full Moon)

When will the Witches have their revenge? If life is a circle, and the rule of 3 is applied, when will OUR time come and the wrath of the Old Gods rain down their justice upon the simple sheep and their false shepherd? So much anger. I cannot imagine what a pagan woman must feel, seeing similar movies, reading like things, the heat must be white hot and the fury unbearable.

Or will the Old Gods, in all their might and wisdom forgive the christ god and his blind sheep? How progressive we as a culture are, some may say, we have a black president, others will boast. How forward thinking are we Americans really when NINETY-SIX percent, that's a 9 and a 6... %!! are christian. The same religion that has, for 2,000 years, raped, murdered, tortured, mutilated and shamed the female sex. The same religion that has denounced science, math, astronomy and other various schools of logic, since it's foundation. The same religion that has taken two millennia away from our species' evolution. How long will the fall of the cross take? Humph. However long, it's not soon enough...
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