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Selected By: Seth G.


210 W Carrillo St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (map)

Selected by: Jim M.

Message from The Icarus Sessions (organized by Seth Godin):

What a sensational event the first session was. In hundreds of cities around the world, people got together and made something happen. The stories of support for those brave enough to stand up are fabulous.

Obviously, this is a roll your own, pick yourself sort of platform, and you are free to deviate from it. If you don't like the date picked for this event, organize a different one! Either way, here you go...

PS here are the details from the last one:

The Icarus Sessions are a challenging new way to bring your art forward. Not to make a sales pitch, not to get customers or patrons, but to find the courage to stand up and say, "here, I made this."

A presentation at an Icarus Session is 140 seconds long. You can go shorter, but not a second longer. You can use slides, or handouts, or even better, just bring your enthusiasm. Videotape it if you like.

The assignment: Tell the group about your art. What have you created? What frightened you? What matters?

Check out the principles of the Icarus Session before you come: http://www.squidoo.com/IcarusSession and be sure to contact the organizer if you're hoping to speak.

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    This strikes me as a good excuse to get out of my apartment for an evening. Stop by to chat about what you are working on if you got the notion.

    Posted by Jim M. February 5, 2013

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Santa Barbara The Icarus Sessions (organized by Seth Godin) Community

Santa Barbara, CA Founded May 19, 2010
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