extensions to the Java language

From: Peter J.
Sent on: Friday, October 7, 2011 8:44 PM

Hello everyone from the Java Meetup. I have some info that didn't make it into the announcements at the last meetup. Thanks in advanced for listening!


I work for a (very small) software company and we've been developing a set of extensions to the Java language. These extensions add a new, XML-like data structure directly into Java - it's basically like adding JSON to Java, but taken much, much further. We spent four (very long, difficult) years on this, most of it full-time, and just finished the beta one month ago. It's called "Hierarchy."


So, we've got two requests:


   1. Please check it out and give us any feedback.

   2. We also desperately need 2 or 3 beta testers to really thoroughly try out the tool to find any last bugs and give us detailed feedback.

       We're throwing in $200 for your valuable time.


You can download and find information about the tool at our web site:


    We've spent considerable time on making the it easy to use, so please check out the Developer Guide we've written.


A product like this really needs widespread adoption to be of any worth, so we are planning to release this open source (a very tough decision to make considering the time and money we've invested).  And, one last piece of information that might be of interest to you is that besides two or three other people, this is the first group that we've shown the tool to. And, after this beta test, we plan on making a general release for the entire Java community.


Thanks again for listening, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas or wish to contribute your time to helping out on our project. This is a unique opportunity to be a contributor to (what we believe) is a substantial addition to Java,



ps - In case your wondering, this is not a new Java compiler, it's a meta-compiler or translator. Our tool translates code written in our extended Java syntax into just pure Java.


Peter Joh

Software Architect

Unconventional Thinking


[address removed]


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