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From: icedwater
Sent on: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 1:43 AM
Hello guys,

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 2:43 PM, chenglim <[address removed]> wrote:
> It sounds more like a forum now..

This is what a mailing list should be like :)

> ATI is great in term of pricing and spec. But NVIDIA is still the leading
> company. I read from many forums that NVIDIA is doing the whole product
> stream line and more leading technology in term of 3D system integration.
> They are also leading in Stereoscopy drivers. This translate into normal
> English will be they know what they are doing, and it is the only brand can
> be trusted. And your problem might be something they see before.

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say here about NVIDIA. I'm
sure they know what they are doing, but how is it possible to say they
are the only brand that can be trusted? Please elaborate.

> You don't have to worry about NVIDIA or ATI if you are a consumer gamer,
> game company shall take care of that. But it mean a lot if you are doing
> video editing and more high end graphic stuff. If you only want to display
> word document/pdf/web, normal card will work perfect for most hardware.

Agreed. However, sometimes you will need to compile your own drivers
or do some tinkering to make the graphics card live up to its full
potential. This is not as frightening as it seems, because while I've
done it before and I've forgotten how, I can be sure that if I ask on
IRC or surf around enough, I will get an answer. The main drawback is
that it can be a bit of a waste of time.

> Laptop now is relatively cheap compare to last time. So "use old machine"
> and i want to try Linux day might be over. Check up Funan or Sim Lim for how
> cheap you can get now.

Again, it is true that laptops have become a lot more cheaper than
before; but given a cheap laptop and a perfectly working copy of
Windows on it, there will be inertia preventing the user from trying
Linux - so I personally think it will still be the more adventurous or
experienced users who install Linux on brand new machines.

That said, live USBs and live CDs are also making things easier than
ever, you can try what you want without even installing the system
onto your computer.

To answer the original questions (if they are still relevant):
>> Does any of the members have linux installed notebook computers ?

>> Can the linux installed laptop access internet ?
Definitely. Nothing personal, Cheng Lim, but it's a bit oversimplified
to say the Linux browser is called Firefox and the Windows browser is
called IE. With Linux, you can even get IE to run if you want. The
converse applies for Firefox on Windows, of course.

>> Is the files downloaded from internet in the llinux installed laptop compatible with window installed laptop ?
Sure - the files you download onto a Linux laptop are exactly the same
as you would download onto a Windows laptop. The difference is the
program used to handle it. As Cheng Lim mentioned above, there may be
some layout differences when opening a .doc or .docx in Linux (on as compared to doing the same in Windows, this is
probably due to differences in the respective programs.

>> Can we access all the websites using linux installed laptop ?
Most of them are accessible, though you have to be aware that Flash
and Java don't always come pre-installed, nor does support for certain
codecs like MP3s. This is an issue of philosophy which the average
user doesn't need to really come to terms with (though finding out
more and taking a stand either way would be useful at some point.) In
such cases a little bit of added work is required to install Flash and
Java, among other things - but this is usually very easy to accomplish
given the right help - head on to an IRC channel, ask a question and

Mac OS X is based on BSD, which is in the Unix family tree. It's
similar in some respects but I would rather not use it, because it's
so expensive. I'm happy with tinkering around on Linux on my normal PC

Hope this helps, and do let us know on this mailing list how you've
been doing with Linux!

Happy New Year,

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