Tales of Drama Past

So, we here at SICAGA pride ourselves on keeping the group relatively drama-free. We even have an official Drama Resolution Policy. Sadly, we live in a world filled with humans and drama is a force none can truly avoid. For those interested, I'd like to document our past dramatic tribulations and how we addressed them.

Fortunately, for now, we have but one such story.

The Ballad of Shirtless Steve

Once upon a time, SICAGA had a meetup.com user with a habit of sending odd messages to certain members. His messages were far from profane, but the content was questionable and uncomfortable for many. We will call him "Shirtless Steve." This is not his real name and I apologize to all Steves out there who may or may not be shirtless, but this false name identifies the most memorable aspect of the human upon which this story is based: his meetup.com photograph was a mirror-photographed self-portrait from neck to belt-line of his unclad and assuredly human torso. Shirtless Steve informed his targets of two things. The first was that he was very excited to get to know the message recipient better. The second was that the recipient should disregard his shirtless photograph. He was concerned, you see, that they might believe he was "objectifying himself."

Apart from his messages, Shirtless Steve never attended an actual meet. What Shirtless Steve did not know is that the SICAGA community is quite close. The recipients of these messages were fortunately far from flabbergasted. These enigmatic and eccentric emails were actually shared in group meetings, where we laughed about them and concocted contorted conjecture regarding the recluse's reality.

Alliteration aside, Shirtless Steve only sent two messages that we know of. After the first, after laughing together, we discussed what - if anything - should be done, inquiring if anyone else has been approached. We were wary, but assumed it was an isolated incident of an individual mistaking meetup.com for plentyoffish.com. Shirtless Steve was contacted by the group leaders, but no response was returned. When Shirtless Steve sent his second known correspondence (which was compared to the first and found to be nearly identical), we responded by broadwaving a message to all members of the events that had occurred and illustrating why we, as a community, found them hilarious. Shirtless Steve was contacted again, this time with a response that indicated his unwillingness to recognize his unwelcome behavior. To date, Shirtless Steve is the only individual ever banned from SICAGA.

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