Notes from 19 Nov 2008 meeting

From: Jeffrey F.
Sent on: Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:14 AM
Official topics:

  • What metrics can you use outside consumption to show things getting better (assume goodwill, no gaming)
  • Finally! a post-adoption success story
  • Can you really do agile with long feedback times?

Aha moments from the group:

  • When people say they're doing agile you need to clarify which agile: Project management agile or developer practice agile?
  • Unexpected downsides in tracking "partial velocity", partially done work
  • When transitioning to agile the right metrics can help developers coming from ground zero
  • The idea of custom fit agile, of being as agile as you can for the circumstances (ala Crystal)
  • Teams will lie? Really? That's not something I've seen
  • Bugs escaping an iteration is much more of a lagging indicated than expected
  • The struggle to communicate "across the chasm" is even more pervasive than expected

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