Patriot Activists are Making a Difference

From: Bob P.
Sent on: Saturday, May 8, 2010 11:00 PM
I am sending this to show a victory, not to promote the organization that sent it to me.

P.S. Remember to go hear Sheriff Mack this Tuesday - see the calendar for specifics.

Need more evidence that grassroots activists like you are making a big difference for our nation?

Today, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Democrat David Obey, announced that he is retiring rather than face voters this November.

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After Speaker Pelosi, the next most powerful politician in Congress is David Obey because he controls the money - who gets what earmarks and special programs for their districts or for their pet ideological causes. For years, Chairman Obey has been the biggest tax-and-spend, pile-on-the-debt politician in the House.

Why do you think he's stepping down now? This late in the year...with so much power in his hands...

He knows what we know: the citizens of his Wisconsin district know his record and are sick of the spending: $1.3 trillion in new federal debt this year on his watch; the trillion-dollar health care takeover that he helped push through (Nancy Pelosi even let him hold the gavel and preside over the House for the final passage vote); the massive growth in government that is choking off opportunity and killing jobs; the billions in pork barrel earmarks even after numerous scandals. Obey is even pushing through thousands of earmarks this year, refusing to join House Republicans calling for Democrats to join their earmark moratorium.

Back in 2006, I stood with our hard-working Wisconsin state director, Mark Block, in the heart of Chairman Obey's district as we laid out his outrageous record of earmark spending as part of AFP Foundation's Ending Earmarks Express. Gathered with us that day was a hardy band of perhaps 12 early AFP activists. Chairman Obey's office mocked us in the newspapers with the usual attacks - astroturf, out-of-staters, etc. But these activists did not give up.

In 2007, Mark Block and I brought our giant pink pig back to Obey's district, and this time the crowd was bigger as we detailed the Appropriations Chairman's continued pork barrel spending and big-government record. Over the last few years, the AFP-Wisconsin Chapter worked tirelessly to educate the citizens of the 7th Congressional District through countless grassroots meetings, taxpayer tea parties, health care town hall meetings, and a variety of issue forums.

Thousands upon thousands of grassroots activists like you began calling and emailing his office to decry his big-spending record and to recruit family and friends to join the cause.

Fast-forward to last year in Wausau: thousands of fired-up citizens joined us at the health care town hall meeting with special guest John Stossel of Fox News as we detailed Obey's role in ramming through the health care takeover boondoggle.

Week after week, event after event, rally after rally, email after email, the conservative movement - your movement - built up the heat, educated fellow citizens and detailed Obey's big-spending record.

On Tax Day, April 15, citizen-leader Meg Ellefson and the intrepid Wausau Tea Party held yet another huge event in Obey's district pounding home the message, which drew over 800 activists.

The bottom line: Chairman Obey had the money (he's raised tons of it). He had friends in high places (Obama and Pelosi are on his cell phone speed dial list). He had the political experience (41 years in Congress winning elections).

But, thanks to his tax-and-spend record and thanks to the dedicated work of grassroots activists like you, he lost the support of the majority of citizens in his own congressional district.

Now, to avoid facing these citizens this November, he quit the campaign.

You're making a difference. Americans for Prosperity is making a difference. Tea party leaders and activists like Meg Ellefson and the Wausau Tea Party are making a difference.

Remember Gandhi's quote,"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they attack you. Then you win."

We are winning. And November is Coming?.

We've just got to keep up the fight.


PS: The Left is fighting back with their usual bitterness. Did you see President Obama's outrageous comment that stimulus opponents are"tea-baggers," the same derogatory term for tea party activists favored by the radical Left? Let's redouble our efforts. Take a moment to forward this email to your friends and family. Urge them to join our effort to hold elected officials accountable for their big-government votes at With your help, we can end the out-of-control growth of government in Washington.

Like what Americans for Prosperity is doing? We're supported by our more than one million citizen-activists nationwide. Promote free-market policies at all levels of government - local, state and federal. Thanks!

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