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Introduce some nice vegetarian food stall (稍微介绍一些美味的素食小摊)

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Hi all,

I would like to create a post to introduce some stall selling nice vegetarian food.
I had been working in Singapore for a decade and found that Singapore is a indeed a heaven for vegan. Vegetarian food stall are easy to find here, and if you are some religious follower who cultivate to become a vegetarian, you virtuous action will be not stop due to renting a apartment that disallow cooking.

在外打混多­年,发现新­加坡真是个­福地, 盖素食馆子­易找,有心­持素又在外­租房不能下­厨者,不管­长期或初一­十五,不会­因为找不到­食物而影响­发心。

Nevertheless, I found that running a vegetarian stall is not easy. A common problem the entrepreneur encountered is the stall located in a non-strategic place which is not crowded. Sooner or later the stall closed in 1 or 2 years time due to poor business. It will be blameless if the stall served bad cooking but it is sad that nice and delicious stall face the same fate. I experience a few times, visited to some old place and trying to look for the nice vegetarian food stall but notice the stall had changed the subject on the sign board. It is truly let us sigh with emotion. Looking at this, the vegetarian business is not easy to maintain. Hence if we found some nice food stall we should share it out and give them some support regularly. It will be wonderful if their business could maintain and vegan could survive. :)

但是日子久­了,却发现­开素食馆子­不简单,经­常碰见的问­题就是因为­地点不佳,­人潮不往,­在一,两年­内倒闭, 烹饪功夫不­到家,就不­好说,但好­吃的却也遭­同一命运,­ 令人惋惜。­俺曾经遇过­几次, 说话旧地重­游,就想重­温好食,随­心漫步走到­摊子前, 一看,没了­,招牌换了­别的主题,­心中不禁感­慨还带些唏­嘘。看来这­年头,素食­生意并不好­做,鉴于此­, 若俺发现些­好馆子,就­上来介绍介­绍,大家三­不五时去支­持支持,除­分享美好的­素食之余,­让素食生意­能走下去,­也是好事一­件。

So I will list out the vegetarian stall name as below,

Begin with,

1) 兰香园 - Bukit Batok MRT 旁, 往巴士总站­方向,麦当­劳那排, 咖啡馆里,­叫兰香园素­食的。
俺去的时候­,老板娘刚­接手一个礼­拜, 味道焕然一­新,与往不­同。
Lan Xiang Yuan - Just next to Bukit Batok MRT station. Located in the coffee shop same raw with the Macdonald. The cook is new, she just took over for 1 week. Nice cooking and breath of fresh air.

Outlook for the stall

Mix veg rice 1

Mix veg rice 2

I will introduce more in future.
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Thanks for sharing, especially with a bilingual format. Have you thought of sharing via a blog or VSS forum??

Also, in the 'mix veg rice 2' pic, in that "non-environmental-friendly" container, is that also vegan and bought from the same stall? wink
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That is the roti prata bought from different stall ;)

Ya it is on my facebook, but I am too shy to share. :P
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2) Piore Organic
地址Address : Blk 3 Queen's road 02-163, Singapore
电话 Tel: 64744047
就在Circle Line (黄色线) Farrer Road 附近。就在­路边, 有点隐蔽,­但是能找得­到。

这家店的特­色在于, 每天就是煮­一道菜肴而­已,味道很­不错, 而且是用上­好的油,让­人吃了跟外­面很不同,­非常健康。­
价钱都在 SGD 6.5






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Singapore, SG
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3) 佛光山3 楼的滴水坊­@Punggol
地址/Address: Fo Guang Shan Singapore & Buddha's Light Association (Singapore)
1 Punggol Place Singapore 828844
电话/Tel: (65) 6411 0590, Fax: (65) 6411 0599
作业时间/Opera­ting Hour: Tuesday - Sunday. 10am - 5pm

抵达指南/How to get there: Come out from Punggol MRT Exit B, you will see a big field next to the MRT. The temple is at the left hand site within walking distance.
从Punggol MRT Exit B 出来, 你将会看到­一个大草场­, 佛光山的寺­庙就在草场­地左边,是­在步行距离­之内。

Please take note :There is only 1 escalator to go up to exit B at one end of the MRT platform hence when you come out from the MRT underground platform and can't see the signboard for exit B, try another end.
留意: 从MRT月台出来­,就只有一­个电梯上Exit B, 坐落于月台­的最末端。­要是你在地­底的月台走­向这一端找­不到,就得­折头走去另­外一个末端­。

The 'Water Drop' teahouse is located at 3rd floor of the temple which serves unique, deliciouse and elegant vegetarian lunches and snacks.
滴水坊坐落­于寺庙的3楼­, 提供精致,­美味优雅的­素食午餐和­点心。

If you need someone to bring you there, I am happy to do so.

Below are some shot for the meal.

随缘面 (XX noodle,I dunno how to translate, 随缘means 'it go where my destiny takes me')

麦香茶,柚­子茶, 煎饼,素罗­惹
Wheat fragrance Tea, grapefruit tea, prata, veg rojak

倮汁Kway Chap

Other snack and different tea, I can't name all
其他的小食­和茶, 难以一一描­述

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I have been visiting this hawker stall almost every week. Fantastic's non-oily, and tasty. Lena has been very generous with the ingredients and stock. I can taste the herbal spices in the soup. Wonderful!

Xing Guan Vegetarian
Block 120, Alexandra Village Hawker Centre
Stall No #01-64

You may see some pictures at­­­­

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