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Post your Social Enterprise ideas or needs so others can comment and join your effort.

Don N.
Group Organizer
Vancouver, WA
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I have been receiving emails directly from folks who all have great ideas. Unfortunately, I can't respond to everyone and I alone can do little beyond making this site a central repository for ideas and those who wish to support the ideas they like the most.

I won't post anything that is sent to me directly without permission to do so and would much prefer everyone post their ideas and links to sites that would help others understand what you are doing or want to do or improve upon...

The whole point to this Meetup site is to get all of your ideas out for others to see and comment on. Then members can naturally choose to engage in a discussion with the idea posters.

Please give a brief summary of your idea or your current organization, what you want to accomplish within what period of time and what you need from the membership to make it happen. You may not hear back, you may get overwhelmed or maybe in two months when we have some life here, you will get what you need. This is how networking works, but the only people who benefit are those who take the time to post and engage others with questions and constructive feedback.

A former member
Post #: 1
I hope I'm doing/posting this correctly.

I'm in the A) group: Those who have a specific social
improvement goal they want to work on and need support to move

I actually have 2 projects I'm working on.

The first is free swaps (find out more at
http://swappositive.w...­. I'd like to find an
assortment of additional swap coordinators who will start swaps
of their choice in their area of town. This is a fun way to
clean house, recycle, be with like-minded positive people, get
stuff that you want/need for free, and be a philanthropist -
all rolled into one:) The swaps are currently running
smoothly, I've got a link on the site on how to start a free
swap, and lots of information about them. There's even a KATU
segment coming out on April 16th during their 'Going Green'
segment about swaps. More swap coordinators mean more stuff is
being exchanged, meaning more people are living greener.

The second project is still in the planning stages. I want to
develop and implement a new food grade roofing system that is practical,
affordable, and multi-use. (I need a new roof in less than 2
years so this is a very practical application of my time). I
want the roofing material to be food grade so that I can
collect drinking water. Since I have a south facing roof, I'd
also like to incorporate a box solar oven into the roof so that
I can slow cook year 'round, 'traditionally' cook during the
warmer months, and purify water using natural UV light year
'round. I've talked to a variety of businesses and people
(mostly online) and have done some research of various solar
ovens (some with UV water purifiers built in) and roofing
systems. Went to the local green show and picked up some
business cards and have talked in person to several 'green'
roofers and 'green' rainwater systems, but keep coming up with
the same problems that all known American roofing is toxic
and/or impractical in some way and not really appropriate for
drinking purposes. So that's why the investigating into a new
roofing tile. I'm thinking maybe something silicone (like used
in oven mitts and baking pans) so that it's flexible like an
asphalt tile yet food grade for water collection...or something
rigid made of a strong cooking glass that would be similar to
clay tiles (but be food grade and water proof without
attracting mildew/algae). Having a food grade product that is
similar in size/application/feel to a product already familiar
to traditional roofers would be the best, as then no special
installation training would be needed. I'd like to talk to a
variety of people about how this system could be worked - and
in fact already have a rough draft designed by Brand Shlesinger and
Alex Porter, two LEED certified designers, to give a
general idea to start with. But I'd also like to pick the
brain of Ancient History/historians who have studied how people
lived before 'modern times' and how they dealt with fresh water
collection, plus people who currently are working in third
world situations and already have working solar ovens, water
collection, and water purification systems intact. I don't
want to spend a lot of money on this - I just want it to work
with today's insights applied to what has worked for thousands
of years - turning a simple and practical system of the past
into a practical system option of the future. If we could all
get *some* of our own fresh water from our own rooftops, and if
we can all get *some* of our cooking done without fossil
fuels/electricity/batteries/pollution,­ doesn't it just make
sense that we do it? Why send all the practical easy
technology stuff to other countries, but only keep the
polluting, expensive, complicated stuff for America?

Barb Hughes
A former member
Post #: 2
O.K., I’ve got a third idea as well. I’d like to support fashion designers and real women models so we can change the social paradigm that only young/thin women can look great. I’d like to support women’s clothing designers that market clothes that fit and flatter the over 40 year old female. The majority of ‘fashion’ available is designed for tall, skinny, young, small busted women. I’ve read that OVER 50% of the female population is under 5’4 (ie petite), and a size 14, yet most of women’s fashions are not designed to fit this height or size. Also, as a woman ages, many times her shape changes. Her waistline thickens, her bustline thickens...we’ll, let’s face it, a lot of shape shifting and thickening takes place. How many times have women purchased an item and then got it home and it just didn’t look right? No amount of diet or surgery will take a 50 year old 5’2 size 10 and make her look like a 20 year old 5’11 size 4. HOWEVER, with creative and flattering designs, women of all shapes and sizes can look their best. That is what I’d like to help support - practical, flattering clothing for the over 40 women wanting to look her best. These clothes should be modeled on shorter, thicker women over 40 so that buyers can gage how items will actually look and fit. (If a woman over 40 can still fit in Forever 21 styles - great - she already has an option that works for her...I’m wanting to support women who don’t have that option.) Designers can study proportion, elongating styling and color combinations in fabrics that fit and flatter. I’ve started a hobby site where I’ve invited women over 40 to send in photos of clothes they currently wear that they like at I’d be willing to convert this site into a vehicle for interested designers who want to reach this market with authentic clothing we can wear comfortably, and I’d be open to talking to real women 40-80 or all shapes and sizes who would be interested in being fit models and photo models for the site.
A former member
Post #: 4
Wanted to let other social entreprenuers know how the multi-purpose roof idea is coming along. I've got a creative builder that is willing to work with me this fall (he's booked up with other projects until then). If anyone has hands-on experience with:
1. non-toxic/non-leaching/non-flaking or food-grade roofing materials that are reasonably priced
2. passive solar ovens or passive UV water purifiers
3. rain water filtration systems
please send me your name/website/phone number and I can pass it along to my creative builder in the fall so he can contact you. Email me at urbanfarmerpdx1 -at- yahoo -dot- com
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