Washington, DC
Hometown: Where the 'Heart' is ...

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April 2, 2014

Five words that describe you:

Conscientious + Engaging + Intuitive + Measured + Principled = Stan ... FUN too -- oops that's # 6

Hobbies and Interests?

Spiritual Practice, Whole Foods/Plant Based Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Meditation + Acupuncture (for stress management), Nature Walks + Hiking, Reading, no TV (except for sports), Films, Museums, Fine Art, Music, Coffee/Tea (no alcohol) and World Travel + Adventure ... Next?

Something random:

WARNING: Your ego is not your amigo!

What is the meaning of life?

The 1st step in comprehension is to awaken from this deluded 'dream-like' state of ME, MYSELF + I by intuitively recognizing that the totality of consciousness [including what's called YOU] is merely a 'dependent-origination'. In actuality, WE'RE all [as individuals] just a loosely aggregated cluster of ever flickering 'causes & conditions' and when they dissipate [or END] into the 'no-thing-ness' out of which they arose -- so do WE. It's tré cool, because once OUR 'shared' state of fundamental BEing is fully perceived as pure flux by virtue of inter-conditionality (ie. emptiness) -- 'concern for others as manifested through selfless compassionate behavior' (a.k.a. "the meaning of life") pervades effortlessly. Because 'pain is pain' and despite the appearance of separateness to the contrary: In REALITY, there's absolutely no difference in alleviating one's own suffering vs. that of others' ... Se comprende?


'There is no wall like an idea' -- Emerson

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