Briana D.


Pompano Beach, FL

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May 21, 2012

What is your world view?

The entire world is connected through a very long and complex set of events that has led us to this present point, in which we are all connected still. If one pays attention to major eras of history, it is simply a repetition of the same exact human forces at work, and that still drives us today (greed, power struggle, war, resources and raw materials, trade, etc.). We have evolved technologically much more slowly than we have morally...and this is our biggest problem. I could go on much more, but will keep it at that.

How do you determine if something is true?

You can only determine if something is true for "you". Truth is relative in terms of personal beliefs, fields of study, actually everything. Things just apprear to be true...a tree is a tree, death is death, I have eyes...but is that true or does it appear to be. Mathematics, the field of study most based on absolute and unquestionable truths, is actually very subject to change, and the "laws" of math break down at many points. If it is true that I can move from #1 to #2 on a "numberline", how is it also possible that there is an infinite amount of numbers between each point? Why are there imaginary numbers in algebra (they are impossibilities that can not exist mathematically), and why does mathematics completely break down at the quantum level. This basic theory applies to everything. No truth, only the appearance of it.

What do you think are the most ultimate questions about life?

How did the universe begin? What is it formed out of? How did we evolve as animals to have capabilities of very complex level of thought so quickly? What exactly happened to Jimmy Hoffa?


I am an independant online bookseller. I enjoy discussing ideas significant to society and humanity. The company of intellectuals would be refreshing, they seem hard to find. Informative DVD's and discussion would be stimulating. I am intrigued.

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