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Would anyone be interested in moving the weekly games night to Tuesday nights at Carrow's?

There is a Carrow's restaurant about 2 miles from the Round Table which we currently play at. They would be okay having us in their private room every Tuesday except the first Tuesday of every month (we could move back to Round Table just for that week). Would anyone prefer to move to Carrow's on Tuesdays? (They already have another party that comes on Wednesdays...

Jul 27, 2008 12 so far

Board games during election day???

We typically move our weekly board games nights to Tuesdays during the first week of the month due to another large party that occupies Round Table on the first Wednesday of each month. HOWEVER, in November, this will coincide with election day. I was wondering if people's plans to vote after work or watch the election coverage on TV would stop them from coming to board games that evening. I am thinking of cancelling board games that week and having a board games night on either late Saturday night (7PM to 11PM) or Sunday afternoon (4PM to 8PM). Please vote for the nights you can attend

Oct 27, 2008 14 so far

What location and day of the week do you prefer to have our board games nights in 2009

I am thinking of making a change starting in January of 2009. I spoke to Carrow's on Saratoga Ave and they said we could have their room on Thursday nights (They have other parties there on Wed night and also the first Tuesday of the month). Everyone would be required to order at least $10 worth of food in order for us to game there and we would have to have an average turn-out of 10 or more people. Would you be interested in making the move to Carrow's on Thursday nights? Please select the choices that work best for you. You may choose more than one option

Nov 12, 2008 16 so far

New venue for occasional Saturday nights....

I have just been informed that Baker's Square on Almaden Expressway has gone out of business. Denny's or Carrow's wouldn't work for us because they have a 2 hour maximum on the weekends. For the next Saturday night games night (Nov 8 from 7PM to midnight), we could either go to Baker's Square on Capital Expressway and Silver Creek (Evergreen Area of SJ) or have it at the same Round Table as we do during the week. Please email Meetha@gmail.com with any alternative suggestions. The criteria for a place 1) It must be big enough to accomadate 20 gamers and give us our own area 2) It must allow us to reserve space ahead of time for at least a 5 hour block 3) Preferably open until midnight but 11PM is doable if the place is really nice 4) Must be between South San Jose and Mountain View.

Oct 28, 2008 18 so far

Rate these board games (only the ones you have played) on a scale of 1-10

Our group has grown a lot in the past couple of months. We went from having an average of 6 gamers to an average of 20 gamers for each games night. We also have a wide range of tastes in games. My goal is to try to satisfy everyone's palette as much as possible while keeping things fun and relaxed. Please rate each game on a scale of 1-10 in terms of how much YOU liked each game. (e.g. if you think the game was well designed but you HATED it, you still rate it a 1 since this is a scale of opinion and not objective). Please only rate the games you've played yourself and not based on observing others or what you've heard about it. Thanks, Meetha

Sep 28, 2008 25 so far

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