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From: Kichiji
Sent on: Thursday, April 29, 2010 2:10 PM
Hello, everyone,

Please read at least as far as the fifth line.

In this message:
-Spanish short story discussion El improvisador Casimiro Mendoza.
-Meeting dates and venues.


I am seat of a committee to organise a fund-raiser to raise money for safe drinking water in Bolivia.

We need some more hands and brains.

If you would be interested in helping, and you can commit to coming to about an hour-long meeting about once every two weeks, please email me, Kichiji, at [address removed].

If you have downloaded the Microsoft Word document, "casimiro.doc", from our Files section, then please write me at [address removed], even if you have already contacted me.

I have decided to start discussions about once a month about short stories in Spanish for those who are interested. I will digitally distribute each short story with notes and selected
vocabulary. I will pick a day that I will especially encourage people to discuss the
story. Note that you can discuss the story on any day, and on the chosen day you don't
have to discuss the story, but picking a day increases the likelyhood that
several readers will be there on the same day to discuss the

We will start with "El improvisador Casimiro Mendoza" by Rowena A. Rivera.

Please download the Microsoft Word document, "casimiro.doc", from our Files section.

I spent several hours adding vocabulary and notes to the end of this document, so please make sure that you have the latest version of this document.

There are five meetings in the near future. The first will take place on
Saturday, May 1st, 2:30pm, at Bowness Sportsplex,[masked] Avenue NW. The second will take place on
Saturday, May 1st, at 7:30pm, at Nanta Karaoke and Bar, 512 6th St SW. The third will take place on
Wednesday, May 5th, at 7:30pm, at Paul's place,[masked] St SW (close to Marda Loop). The fourth will take place on
Tuesday, May 11th, at 7:00pm, at Good Earth Cafe,[masked]th St SW. The fifth will take place on
Sunday, May 23,[masked]:00pm, Yamato Dessert Cafe, 1322 Centre St NE.

These are 2, 2, 6, 12, and 24 days from now.

Please go now, and RSVP for these.

Please especially look at the event the day after Tomorrow, Saturday, May 1st at 7:30pm.

This will be a celebration of my birthday.

One thing puzzles me. Every year, ten people change their reply to "YES" on the day of this event. It's not that this is not a pleasant surprise, it's just weird. If you look at the other events on the calendar, people have replied ahead of time for them, just not for this event. Every year I fret because it looks like nobody's coming to my party, and then breathe a sigh of relief when people suddenly change their reply to "YES". Could we not put me through this every year?

Also, think about this. I know that's not what we mean, but it makes it look like we are waiting to see if something better comes along. This is just two days away. Could we please just tell me now? Thanks.

I am looking forward to seeing us at the meetings!


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