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El Pop Art de Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo

Here's an interesting story behind an art exhibit in Mexico City.

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Object Pronouns Often Used Redundantly

Although by definition pronouns are words that stand for nouns, it is common in Spanish to use a pronoun, particularly an object pronoun, in addition to the noun it stands for.

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La bamba- la cancion

The song La Bamba was a Rock and Roll hit in 1958 and the first Spanish language song to be ranked #1 in the top 100 songs. But…this song has been a hit in Mexico and specifically Veracruz since its origin in the 17th century. Here’s the story.

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Although porque, por qué, por que, and porqué have related meanings, they are not interchangeable. If you find them confusing as a Spanish student, you're in good company: Native speakers often write them incorrectly as well.

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Empieza el festival y mundial de Tango 2015

Festival y Mundial de Tango comienza en Buenos Aires cada año en agosto. Aquí es la noticia de la apertura del evento de 2015

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Capital Letters Used Less Often in Spanish

Here is an interesting guide how the rules of capitalization are used in Spanish.

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El Gobierno balear se compromete a prohibir las corridas de toro

The Balearic Islands of Spain are the third autonomous community to prohibit bull fighting. The first two communities to prohibit bull fighting were the Canary Islands and Cataluña.

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Calidad vs Cualidad

Calidad and cualidad are usually translated to English as "quality" — but if you're translating to Spanish you need to know which one to use.

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Por que los dias de la semana tienen el orden que tienen

The Spanish names of days of the week are based on the study of the planets and stars and the gods of other civilizations. The order of the days may be different depending on the civilizations and languages, but the names seemed to always survive.

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Lavar and Limpiar

Both lavar and limpiar usually mean "to clean," and while they're sometimes interchangeable, they're often used in different ways.

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Historia de La fiesta de San Fermin

Los orígenes de las fiestas de San Fermín se remontan a la Edad Media y están relacionados con tres celebraciones.

Adobe Acrobat file 153K Scott W. Jul 10, 2015

San Fermin and the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

This week is the famous Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain 6-14 July. Here is an English version of its description.

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Money Terms

The Latin verb pacare, which meant "to calm," became the Spanish pagar, which means "to pay." Verbs derived from pagar include apagar, prepagar, propagar and repagar, most of which have meanings similar to those of their English cognates.

Adobe Acrobat file 78K Scott W. Jul 10, 2015

Por qué es tan difícil saber cuál es la ciudad más contaminada

The Copa América is being played in Chile this year and the championship is planned in Santiago de Chile. Just this week air contamination has exceeded the worst levels recorded in the past. Here is article about air pollution in Latin America.

Adobe Acrobat file 101K Scott W. Jun 27, 2015

Using Andar

In its normal usage, the verb andar means "to walk." However, it is often used more broadly with a vague meaning that isn't readily translatable — meaning something along the line of "to function," "to do," "to go along" or even simply "to be."

Adobe Acrobat file 72K Scott W. Jun 27, 2015

El Día E

Every Year the Cervantes Institute celebrates El Día E or E Day for El Día de Español or Spanish Day. This is an international celebration and recognition of Spanish authors and culture that is linked by a common language.

Adobe Acrobat file 69K Scott W. Jun 20, 2015

Singular Indefinite Articles

If this "seems" too basic for you, please read on you may be surprised! Using the Spanish indefinite articles when they aren't needed is one of the pitfalls for many beginning Spanish students.

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El español en el mundo

If there were any questions about the size of the world's population that speaks Spanish, this summary should explain why it might be useful to lear Spanish.

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Using Mismo

Mismo and its variations (misma, mismos and mismas) are common words used for emphasis or to indicate that things are the same. They can be used as adjectives or pronouns, and mismo can also be used as an adverb

Adobe Acrobat file 108K Scott W. Jun 13, 2015

Spanish Tutorials on the Internet

This is an update of the “Spanish tutorials on the Internet” handout that we used to give to new members. Since not all members need this information it is posted here to those who wish to review these web sites that provide free Spanish lessons.

Adobe Acrobat file 63K Scott W. Jun 13, 2015

When to Use the Spanish Verbs Ir and Venir

One question that Spanish language students often have trouble with is when to use the Spanish verbs ir and venir. In other words, when to say I am coming and when to say that I am going?

Adobe Acrobat file 75K Scott W. Jun 7, 2015

Dallas tendrá festival de tacos

Dallas will feature the Taco Festival on June 27, 2015. Here's the information.

Adobe Acrobat file 94K Scott W. Jun 6, 2015

La Feria de Córdoba

The last week of May is always the Feria de Córdoba, Spain. It's origins are from 1284 by order of King Don Sancho IV. Here's the story.

Adobe Acrobat file 170K Scott W. May 30, 2015

Turning Adjectives Into Nouns

In Spanish, almost any descriptive adjective (and a few others) can be used to function as a noun.

Adobe Acrobat file 48K Scott W. May 30, 2015

25 de Mayo en Argentina

The 25 of May 1810 was the birth of Argentina as an independent country. Every year this day is commemorated as “El Día de la Patria”.

Adobe Acrobat file 119K Scott W. May 23, 2015

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