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Selected By: Alison Sperling

My House

New Orleans, LA (map)

Selected by: Cade Roux

Message from Stack Overflow:

Stack Overflow users in cities all over the world are meeting up at local events for Stack Overflow Day. Read more on our blog: http://bit.ly/dN25BL

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  • Cade Roux's Photo

    Since it's just me, I'll be meeting up at my own house on SO chat, I guess.

    Posted by Cade Roux April 4, 2011
    • Michael Pryor's Photo

      Cade! You rock! I was just in NO last week and could have met up. What area is your house in? Maybe we can facetime you into the NYC meetup :)

      Posted by Michael Pryor April 4, 2011
    • Cade Roux's Photo

      Michael, Uptown, Fontainebleau Neighborhood. We have a lot of local developer groups, so maybe peopl are just too busy.

      Posted by Cade Roux April 4, 2011

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New Orleans Stack Overflow Community

New Orleans, LA Founded March 18, 2011
Hackers, Programmers, Designers
  • Helper
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