Three (3) new AAII screens

From: William L.
Sent on: Saturday, July 18, 2009 8:16 PM



AAII recently added three (3) new stock screens to its coverage list, bringing the total number of screens to 59 (19 Value, 24 Growth & Income, 7 Growth, 9 Sector/Specialty screens). AAII has generated the performance attributable to those screens since Jan 1998 (11 ? years) and in accordance with the AAII stock screen rules. I have posted the summary performance data below, highlighting the three new screens in yellow. NOTE: the summary data below is available to anyone at, as is a very useful performance spreadsheet covering the monthly performance since Jan 1998 for all screens. Access to the screen overview, screen criteria, performance chart and passing companies for the most recent month (2 weeks delayed) for each individual screen requires a AAII membership ($29/year). The performance data is updated on the 15th of each month.


The first screen (“Schloss”) is a value based methodology based on the great value investor, Walter J. Schloss. The screen ranks #5 (of 19 total) among value screens over the 11 ? year measurement period. The second two screens (“Magnet – Simple” and “Magnet – Complex”) are based on the growth & income stock selection process developed by Jordan Kimmel and can be characterized as “CAN SLIM at a reasonable price” methodology (where CAN SLIM is a separate distinct growth stock investment methodology, also tracked by AAII). The Magnet-Simple screen ranks #12 and the Magnet-Complex screen ranks #3 (essentially tied with Zweig for #2) out of the 24 Growth & Income screens.


These stock screens are an outstanding educational tool for learning about stock investing and selecting a particular stock investment methodology that fits your risk tolerance. However, the stocks that pass these stock screens require additional analysis before you consider purchasing any of them for your portfolio. Furthermore, you will want to include proper portfolio construction techniques (position sizing, money management, risk management, etc.) as part of a successful stock investing approach. We currently have 4 different informal sub-groups that meet monthly to discuss one or more of these stock screens. If you are interested in starting or improving your stock investing, please consider participating in one of these groups (or starting one of your own!):


AAII Stock Screens: Joe McHarg (Marietta), [address removed]

Stock Investing: Bill Lyman (Brookhaven), ?

CANSLIM Stock Investing: Bill Lyman (Brookhaven)

Stock Investing: James D. Hargreaves (Roswell) [address removed]



AAII Atlanta Leadership Team
















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