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What should the name of the monthly questioner be?

Here is the description of what the questioner is. I am looking for a good name for this role which rotates among our members every month. Discussion Leader 1.) Not be a no-show in the month you’re signed up for! 2.) Finish the book 3.) Have a list of questions or discussion points for the book a. These can be questions already available through the book, publisher or other online resources b. Or they can be made up by you as simple and detailed as you would like c. Or a combination of made-up and available 4.) Be prepared for the discussion to go off topic from your questions! You can pull us back if you’d like or just let the group run. 5.) The best part – bring a list of books that you are interested in for the group to vote from for the next meeting on the calendar (we keep a rolling 3-5 month calendar, so your book would be a read a few months in advance

Oct 8, 2009 14 so far

How many books a month do you read on average?

Jul 8, 2006 47 so far

What kind of books are your favorites?

Mar 21, 2006 40 so far

What day of the week works best for you?

Mar 21, 2006 6 so far

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